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  1. YellowSocks

    Howdy, hosts

    I agree with all the great advice here. Live where you love and where you fit in. I love where I live and it helps for longevity. Find the niche that is yours. The cool thing about bed and breakfasts is how unique each one is. My B&B is small and I have two other jobs, but I am glad I started...
  2. YellowSocks

    I've been raised from the dead...

    I guess I should say hello, too. The new format means I get a daily email which means I'll pop on here more often. I am still running my B&B solo. My twins are now 16 and juniors in high school. I went to seminary and got a Master of Divinity and have just become a part-time Lutheran pastor...
  3. YellowSocks


    Like the others said, cut around the middle, pull apart. I mostly use it as a garnish on top of my baked pears. =)
  4. YellowSocks

    Mobile friendly forum

    It's probably the main reason I'm hardly on here anymore... I spend a lot more time on my phone than on my laptop! =) Kk.
  5. YellowSocks

    Sleeping on top of covers and laundry question

    Yes, they thought they were being helpful. I don't wash comforters between every guest, but I have backups and wash them pretty often. Or if they look like they were slept on. =) Kk.
  6. YellowSocks

    So anyone can write a review!

    I figure what's the point of having a B&B if I can't be generous with it sometimes? =) Kk.
  7. YellowSocks

    Need sleep

    Wow. Can you get him transferred out? I'm subversive... I'd probably snip the wire or something on the camera.... or Vaseline the lens. =) Kk.
  8. YellowSocks

    Security Cameras?

    They put a camera in the chapel?????
  9. YellowSocks

    Rules, rules and then some more rules

    No smoking/open flames in the house. No pets. Check-in is whenever you schedule it to be, with a note on the confirmation to let me know if you're running early/late. If you're not here within 30-45 min of that time, I'm calling you. Breakfast at whatever time you tell me you want it...
  10. YellowSocks

    Two Girls on Their Honeymoon -- Funny Story

    I always get all the names of all the guests. And then I generally forget their names unless they're staying more than one night. I figure that makes me an experienced innkeeper. I'm doing good if I can even keep track of which guest is staying in which room. Then of course they come back a...
  11. YellowSocks

    Guest Poaching

    Seashanty---Definitely poaching and definitely no class! Years ago we had reservations for a motel on Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay. While waiting for the ferry we found a rack card for a B&B there (possibly one of the first I ever stayed at). When we got to the motel it was small, dark...
  12. YellowSocks

    How would you handle this?

    I would pay the difference if I overbooked. Happily it hasn't happened so far. And most of the B&Bs in town are very comparably priced. I serve breakfast at any hour. If they want 6, they get 6. If I'm finding out the night before, it makes it harder to say yes. But the reality is, yes, I'd...
  13. YellowSocks

    Security Cameras?

    Aw, thanks! I miss being here! I wouldn't call it "issues" per se.... but it's a little annoying. I have a friend who lives south of town who got broken into during the day by people looking to pawn stuff for drug money. They don't have a dog. Nine months later it happened again. I think we...
  14. YellowSocks

    Small Business Saturday

    I see we still don't have a "like" button here. Very cool on Santa! =) Kk.
  15. YellowSocks

    My first boudoir session inquiry...via Air

    I rented for a photo shoot once. I forget the rate, probably the regular nightly rate. Or maybe we bartered for photography of the rooms. It was a while ago now, but it was fine. One photographer and one subject. Middle of the day. I was around, but not in the room. As far as that...
  16. YellowSocks

    Security Cameras?

    Hi!! It's been ages, but I'm popping in to ask about security cameras. I did do a quick search and didn't see anything recent, so I apologize if you've been talking about them a lot already. Anybody have cameras? Any particular kind? We are in a safe town and safe neighborhood but some years...
  17. YellowSocks

    Extreme diets

    I just discovered these this week for a gluten free, dairy free, no beef guest... I did three days of various eggs and potatoes, but then I finally got to the store and tried these on the fourth day, when I also had another guest who was dairy free. Waffles for everyone! I tried one and it was...
  18. YellowSocks

    New Innspiring Glossary Term

    Thanks for missing me! Here I am.... gosh... there's an awful lot of posts in the unread list. Yes, busy running the business, schooling my kids, trashing people on Words with Friends. But I am going to try to pop on here more often. Are we mobile friendly yet? =) Kk.
  19. YellowSocks

    My first guest is not as wonderful as I had hoped :(

    I'm in late, and missed most of the conversation... one room... you say, "What time would you like breakfast?" I have four rooms, and no set breakfast time. When the guest checks in I ask what time they'd like to eat, and tell them that's when the food will be come out of the oven. They...
  20. YellowSocks

    Joey Glow

    Hugs and prayers for you both.... glad he can go the "easy" route! =) Kk.