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  1. Momma Smurf

    Should I Sell A Service?

    We require every one to eat outside on our front porch, six rooms, just the two of us. They load up their trays in the dining room; we open the door for them, and definitely remove plates, trays, etc. SOP.
  2. Momma Smurf

    Pleasing the Irish

    We always make a point at check in to say our tap water is excellent. In fact Poland Springs once wanted to pay to tap into our Maine town spring fed water!
  3. Momma Smurf


    Use Trip Advisor or Google Local to see what rates your competitors are offering for seasonal dates. We have raised prices $30-$40 a night and likely more once the summer season demand begins. Use dynamic pricing and keep raising based upon weekly/daily availability. Yes, if Best Western...
  4. Momma Smurf

    required field in ResKey question

    In RK, Click Website Tab>Reservation Page>>Presentation You will see a list of Fields for the Reservation Form and then Check the Boxes to make them Required. You can also edit any Field to be Titled as you wish.
  5. Momma Smurf

    A ferret? Really? And with Air, I don't have a CC number.

    I have not had any experiences with Air Guests not being truthful or trustworthy. Once I have their info, it's extremely easy to verify online. Also if you go to any of your Air Bookings, you will see their Verified Phone Number under the Call Button. RK's Channex Manager also automatically...
  6. Momma Smurf

    A ferret? Really? And with Air, I don't have a CC number.

    As a prerequisite to Air Bookings, I always ask them for both of their full names and their full address (It's built into the Air booking process). I phrase it: As a licensed B&B we require: Full Names for Both Guests, Full Address. At the same time I ask if they have any Dietary...
  7. Momma Smurf

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    Nope. '72-'77. Two degrees.
  8. Momma Smurf

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    I grew up on the Mohawk Trail, east of you in Templeton. Back before Route 2 was expanded in 1970, cars were bumper to bumper through our small town during foliage! Good Luck! Also a UMass alum.
  9. Momma Smurf

    Reservation Software

    Nope not a cheapskate, Res Key is just much more reasonably priced than other companies. To add Channex, their channel booker is a mere $25 a month, with no extra surcharge % like Think.
  10. Momma Smurf

    Reservation Software

    That tax report has accuracy issues if you have any tax exempt discounts. It's been noted in the Forum. The Income Comparison by Date is invaluable to me. At any given time, I can see how Bookings stack up against 17 years worth of data.
  11. Momma Smurf

    Reservation Software

    Reservation Key since 2013. John the owner is very responsive to needs and issues; there's an online forum for personal Q&As with quick feedback. It does everything you need and has a very reliable connection to Trip Advisor's Trip Connect, which is a bargain tool to drive bookings. There is...
  12. Momma Smurf

    Back to Daily Cleaning? Neatening? Yea or Nay?

    We had very nice luxury bedding, but switched to Quilts because they were so much easier to wash!
  13. Momma Smurf

    Back to Daily Cleaning? Neatening? Yea or Nay?

    We never removed books, paper, decor. It was clear that the virus is airborne.
  14. Momma Smurf

    Back to Daily Cleaning? Neatening? Yea or Nay?

    Yes! And we did it all last year. COVID is not transmitted by surfaces, so no reason not to. One of the biggest complaints on Trip Advisor in our area was about properties who did not do housekeeping. We have also raised our rates $60 a night. If folks are paying between $235 - $275 a night...
  15. Momma Smurf

    Registration / Guest Paperwork

    We also use Reservation Key and the Click to Agree button. No one can submit a reservation without agreeing. In our state, it's required for all guests to sign the guest register book at the front desk. The one time we had a credit card charge back, we submitted a screenshot of the Click to...
  16. Momma Smurf

    Budget Friendly Bedsheets

    Costco Kirkland Signature 680 Thread Count 6-piece Sheet Set 100% Pima Cotton We have been using them for 16 years. Extra pillowcases included. Their towels are also the best. Far superior to Turkish Towels.
  17. Momma Smurf

    Just Set 2022 Rates - A Few Thoughts

    I think it's $25 a month extra (also links other OTAs, which I don't use). It blocks rooms immediately also, so no chance of double bookings. That is worth it for me.
  18. Momma Smurf

    Just Set 2022 Rates - A Few Thoughts

    Yes, they have a "new" channel manager that synchs perfectly with AIR called Channex.
  19. Momma Smurf

    Just Set 2022 Rates - A Few Thoughts

    I don't have any rates on our website. Everyone has to go into ResKey and check their dates for availability AND prices. RK feeds my rates to Air. Pure simplicity.
  20. Momma Smurf

    Guest Vaccination Requirement

    We asked vaxxed status all last season. 7% were unvaxxed and required to wear masks. We did not ask to see verification. For next year all reservations are required to answer this question: Do you have proof that you are all fully vaccinated? We will not be accepting unvaccinated folks...