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  1. Samster

    Blast From the Past!

    Well hello old friends! And by that I mean time, not age. Imagine my unexpected joy when an email dropped in my inbox today announcing an opportunity to re-connect because of a software update to the site!! I've wondered about you all during these times and also hoped that you are doing well...
  2. Samster

    Why I Love B&Bs/Inns

    Thank you to the innkeeper who contacted me in less than 24 hours to let me know that the rez was mine. Online calendar showed it available but apparently someone else had contacted them for the same dates. Innkeeper tried to get in touch with other guests and when they didn't get a response...
  3. Samster

    Room Charging Stations

    This was an amenity at a B&B where I recently stayed in a large metro city. Not saying that it's for everyone here on the forum due to the cost and there may be some simpler, less expensive alternatives out there. A compact and attractive solution. It was pretty handy for two persons'...
  4. Samster

    Good Night Slumber

    Interesting read about why guests perceive a good night's sleep. Can also apply to B&Bs...
  5. Samster

    Service "Armoire" and More

    We just stayed at a beautiful urban inn and encountered many superb amenities. I really liked the way they provided beverages and snacks for the guests. The inn provided a 24 hour "hot" beverage cabinet in one location and a 24 hour "cold" beverage and snack cabinet in another. Three things...
  6. Samster

    Some Fancy Place Settings...

    ...if you like to go that way. You can find some great inspiration here!
  7. Samster

    Food Shelf Life

    Just had this article in my FB feed on expiration dates for some common types of food. Reminded me that I should probably label when I actually open some things, so I don't chuck them before they need to be disposed of. Also, just read something recently that Americans toss out something like...
  8. Samster

    How Your Web Presence Will Live On..

    and on and on... I guess I did a good job of getting our name out there while we were in business. Almost 3 years after closing, we are still getting calls! (Our old biz number became my dh's mobile phone number because he liked the number and we figured we could refer people other places for...
  9. Samster

    The Perfect Innkeeper Holiday Gift?

    I thought this might be a good joke gift for your favorite innkeeper this holiday season. ;-)
  10. Samster

    How to Shuck Strawberries

    Who knew? If you don't want the leaves this looks pretty easy. Check it out!
  11. Samster

    If Bluegrass isn't your thing, maybe you can use some Fraggle Rock today

    I can't get enough of Fraggles! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEyrfFwf3rI
  12. Samster

    Asking for online reviews at checkout

    Just finished a stay at a nice larger inn and at check-out when we turned in our key, we were handed a nice card with the inn information on it and a sweet treat. The card read, "Have something sweet to say?" And then it went on to say, that if we had any problems to please tell the innkeeper...
  13. Samster

    I am the typical B&B guest...

    ...when it comes to forgetting what the room looks like that I booked. We are going on a getaway next weekend and I reserved the room in June. I had a vague recollection of what the room looked like and where it was located in the inn, but it wasn't until I printed out the confirmation e-mail...
  14. Samster

    Yummy Summer Strawberry Bread

    This bread recipe looks yummy!
  15. Samster

    Another Mobile Payment Processing System

    Here's a link to a PC World article about another new system called SAIL. Rate is slightly lower than the other ones out there and there are a few different features available. Check it out if you're considering going this way....
  16. Samster

    More S'Mores!

    This link was in my FB news feed. Yum, yum, yum!!!
  17. Samster

    Living Social Lodging Deals

    Has anyone used Living Social deals to promote their slow season? Just curious as I've just used it for a great hotel getaway at a luxury hotel (which was not cheap) and today I bought a deal for two nights at a B&B in a very popular tourist city in my State that I've yet to visit. I've set up...
  18. Samster

    The Internet & Travel Facts

    The following was in a travel e-newsletter that I receive. This was 2009 data...imagine what it's like 3 years later! For those innkeepers that don't have online reservations, please note the highlighted sentence. You might want to think about this.... "The Internet was used by...
  19. Samster

    Social Media Dilemma

    I'm wondering if this relates to B&Bs also (since I was not doing much with FB as an innkeeper) - I'm the administrator for an organization FB page and have an occasional post that can be a problem, so I've got the controls set up pretty tight. Have you ever blocked someone from your biz FB...
  20. Samster

    New Breakfast Items for 2012?

    What new breakfast items (if any) do you have planned to try in 2012? After looking at some photos on B&B websites of delectable breakfast offerings, I was really impressed to see some things that looked simple and appealing. Like, apples seared on a clamshell grill, and breakfast "sliders"...