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  1. Northern Dreamer

    Indoor security cameras

    Would like input on indoor security cameras from anyone that has had experience with using them in a entry/kitchen/commons area of their B&B. Thanks!
  2. Northern Dreamer

    Appraising a Guest...!

    Hubby and I get kinda tired of venting to each other...so here goes - thanks for listening! 1. Guests call to check-in early because they are due at rehearsal dinner at 5. Arrives at 3:45 - okay not so bad... (We review locks, give tour, etc...) 2. Guests looks at menu in dinning room, picks...
  3. Northern Dreamer

    How Far Do You Push It...?!?!

    Talked three times over three days on the phone with a caller who is looking for a room. One night, four nights...he's just not sure. Waited until he commits. He calls during breakfast... Finally asks to check-in today. Sure, we can call you back after breakfast. Nah...we'll just head your way...
  4. Northern Dreamer

    Thanking a Long-Term Guest

    We've had a guest that has had an extended stay - 2 weeks - while visiting family in the area and using our B&B as a "home-base". She will be leaving in a few days and I wondered if anyone has a suggestion of what would be a nice gesture or small token to thank her for choosing to stay with us...
  5. Northern Dreamer

    French Toast Leftovers...What to do?!?!?

    French Toast with Cherry Wine sauce one day - a different crowd tomorrow. Any ideas for leftover French Toast? I was thinking of making a layered French Toast bake (cherry wine sauce in the middle and adding a crispy brown sugar pecan topping) but how to make it look freshly made/baked? Add a...
  6. Northern Dreamer

    Websites & B&Bs

    Just curious and want to inquire on a couples things: 1) WEBSITES - A lot of you seem to have mentioned website headaches, etc... I created and designed ours and use a simple tool that allows me to do my own updates and all. It has its own booking calendar, and while may be a bit limited in...
  7. Northern Dreamer

    Gearing up for Groups...Again!

    Had a not so great experience with groups last fall...and learned a lot...PLUS thank you all for your suggestions!!! However I wondered if anyone had a sample contract or template that they would be willing to share that I could edit for our upcoming "groupies"? Or even a link for another...
  8. Northern Dreamer

    So Many Lessons to learn with Groups!

    Who knew there were so many lessons to learn when you book groups?!?!?!? Who knew you should have a legally written and approved, notarized, contract to give them to avoid any misunderstandings as well! (Or it seems like some people need that!) Booked 10 months ago, offered a discount based on...
  9. Northern Dreamer

    Collecting for damages

    Anyone ever had any success with collecting damages/charging additional fees or linen replacement fees? We had a nail polish user last weekend and wonder if they got anywhere on their nails...cause it was in the bathroom, on the duvet cover, etc...
  10. Northern Dreamer

    We have a life too...(Fail Proof Remedy to Avoid Late Check-outs?)

    Best Remedy to Avoid Late Check-outs (is this even possible?!!?) I am sure there has been a discussion on this topic before, but I cannot find it. I am looking for ideas (a best practice, or fail-proof tactic) to help guests get their booties moving on the morning of check-out...does a written...
  11. Northern Dreamer


    Am looking for a resource for good wash cloths for make-up removal (colored ones? or black?) Am tired of the stains and tossing what was once a nice towel/wash cloth!
  12. Northern Dreamer

    Questions People Ask

    Recently we have had many guests ask us what other information we need from them both when they are checkin-in and then checking-out. I give them an information sheet upon check-in (Welcome, Room info, Lock/Door access, Breakfast time, an emergency ph#, quiet time, check-out time, etc...) So...
  13. Northern Dreamer

    New B&B Owner - First time posting here - Help!

    We have a policy page and an "I agree to comply with the policies" button upon booking and checking out on our website. We also had them a welcome letter that hast the main points listed for their information. (check-in/out times, breakfast time...etc...) We also use Airbnb and the policies are...