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  1. Silverspoon

    Update on the PPP

    Rules on Forgiveness have been changed. https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/news/2020/jun/ppp-loan-forgiveness-changes-coming.html
  2. Silverspoon

    Airbnb officially opens up platform to hotel distribution

    For the full article "In a signal Airbnb has the online travel agencies in its sights, the company says it will charge a service fee for hotels and accommodation providers in the region of 3% to 5% - much lower, it claims, than that of OTAs which can charge as much as 30%. Airbnb will also not...
  3. Silverspoon

    VR BO? Anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone uses this listing site. Arks? And what’s your experience been. In our transition from B and B to guest house I am exploring possibly listing with VR BO. We have never used an OTA for the B and B because there was not much competition in town for full service, high...
  4. Silverspoon

    Vacation Rental Websites: Comparison of Rate and Fees

    Comprehensive guide to all the major (and niche) vacation rental websites out there, complete with guest fees, host fees and listing costs. As you know, I don't use OTA's but for those of you who are thinking of signing up...some info for you. I have not verified any of this information so go...
  5. Silverspoon

    Frommers: "Foreign travel slump"

    I am posting this article in spite of its connection to politics/government because the article is written by a respected travel source and it contains statistics that directly impact our businesses. Please do not read the article if you are avoiding all references to government. I apologize...
  6. Silverspoon

    Another Airbnb horror story

    And so it goes....you would think that people would have caught on by now about illegal rentals. http://nypost.com/2016/11/27/airbnb-horror-story-should-scare-you-out-of-renting-in-nyc/
  7. Silverspoon

    It just got a lot tougher for Airbnb to do business NYC

    "Advertise an illegal rental in New York City, and get fined up to $7,500. That’s the gist of a new law Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Friday, which targets those short-term rentals (apartments in multiunit residences leased for less than 30 days) that are technically illegal but still very often...
  8. Silverspoon

    Access denied

    We are on the road but signed into the site yet we receive an access denied message when trying to retrieve messages from members. Swirt! Can you help?
  9. Silverspoon

    Who do we believe?

    We are on the road in the lovely state of VT...Stowe. Tomorrow we have an appointment for our Global Entry cards on the US-CA boarder at Derby Line. Google says it takes 1 hour 23 min. Our inn keepers say 3 hours. HELP! Any idea how long it really takes?
  10. Silverspoon

    Do I look like the Chamber of Commerce?

    This happens every season and it always frosts my cake! Got an e-mail from someone, not a guest, not a prospective guest, never been a guest, and here it is: Hello, I will be visiting (insert our town) in a few weeks. I’m interested in dining experiences unique to your city—could you make...
  11. Silverspoon

    Expedia morphing to become more Ike Booking

    For those of you that use OTAs. Notably, there is no mention of B&Bs. I'll stick to my guns and say that it is useless to compete with big hotels. Instead B&Bs need to create their own market and distinguish themselves for NOT being like hotels...
  12. Silverspoon

    Reconsidering Keurig....advice?

    I'm considering the purchase of K45 or K460 models. Both take the refillable Kcup container but otherwise demand only Keurig Kcups. Does any one have experience with either of these or have another recommendation? So how confusing do guests find these? Does having a Keurig present more...
  13. Silverspoon

    Interesting change for those considering Airbnb membership

    Looks like those in early get an edge. The sharing economy becomes more of a grabbing economy: Air
  14. Silverspoon

    Interesting change for those considering Airbnb membership

    Looks like this in early get an edge. The sharing economy becomes more of a grabbing...
  15. Silverspoon

    Another airbnb horror story

    Recently we had guests who were very disappointed in their airbnb lodgings in Europe. There were no provisions for fire safety and they were basically deserted in a subpar accommodation. But this story in the NYT goes MUCH further than that...
  16. Silverspoon

    Musty smell solutions

    For the first time we have a musty smell in the downstairs suite. It has been running colder than normal since we closed the house this winter, so it has ranged from 52-56 degrees throughout the winter months. I suspect the old books in the room's library so will finally get DH to box those...
  17. Silverspoon

    Domain Name Scam

    SCAM ALERT Received a printed Invoice by regular post for renewal of our Domain Name today. The sheet said it was our annual renewal notice for $109. The thing is, I always record our expiration date (2017) and did not recognize the company, http://www.domain-listings.org. Their web site is...
  18. Silverspoon

    Blizzard of '15 on its way

    Good luck to my fellow NE innmates.....this one looks like quite a storm!
  19. Silverspoon

    Good news about bbs

    We have not had problems here but we live in dread during high season when any problems would be difficult to deal with. Now, finally, a breakthrough!
  20. Silverspoon

    I'm desperate

    DH, aka Mr. Fixit, has always taken over the safety maintenance of our small (3) B+B. Over the years we have had numerous smoke alarms ranging from battery operated to hardwired with battery back up, some with CO detectors, and now hardwired photoelectric, wireless with battery back up. They...