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  1. timberbandb

    Hello from an aspiring innkeeper!

    Welcome aboard Grace! You will learn lots of good stuff from this experienced group of innkeepers!
  2. timberbandb

    Pursuing a B&B

    A starting point (or "rough biz plan for ME"): Business Model Canvas Explained
  3. timberbandb

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    Welcome! It sounds like a great area with lots of attractions and your plans sound wonderful. You can learn a lot from this group! You may want to connect with B&B/Inn Associations for more educational opportunities and to support advocacy for the industry. Also get to know other innkeepers in...
  4. timberbandb

    Do you write your own blog and do your own social media?

    Lots of great ideas here! I wrote blogs for one of the companies mentioned earlier. It always worked best when the innkeepers and I got together to schedule blog topics using ideas/events/attractions that they knew in their area (I wrote for B&Bs in Cape Cod, VA, TX, WI, NY, and PA). I would...
  5. timberbandb

    Hello from Wales!

    Welcome aboard!
  6. timberbandb

    3 Room B&B for sale

    When we travel south (I-81 to I-77 and on), we like stopping in Statesville - We really enjoy Twisted Oak Restaurant! If you are still there, we will stop and stay with you next roadtrip. Best wishes on your next steps!
  7. timberbandb

    From my heart to yours...

    Have a very Merry Christmas and much joy in 2016!
  8. timberbandb

    Your most popular or most requested breakfast item?

    Oatmeal pancakes is the fav breakfast here. ...served with real PA maple syrup and a side meat (usually sausage).
  9. timberbandb

    SuperInn update

    Has anyone tried thinkreservations dot com? I've heard several innkeepers say they really like it and very reasonably priced...
  10. timberbandb

    New PAII Executive Director

    Back in the late 1990's, he developed websites for B&Bs...I don't know what happened to his company since then.
  11. timberbandb

    New marketing "pitch"

    I received this email earlier this week: That's right - we created a mobile app for your business! I'm Kim from Appsme and our team has already done the hard work for you. All that's left is for you to customize it. Hit the big button below to preview the Bed & Breakfast app and learn more...
  12. timberbandb

    Room Charging Stations

    I got my 2 USB + 6 electric outlet charging device from Lowes. I point it out when I show guests to their rooms.
  13. timberbandb

    Cleaning caddy

    Yep - these are great! You can get them at Tractor Supply or your local tack shop. We use these in the barn for all the grooming stuff...AND in the B&B for cleaning stuff.
  14. timberbandb

    easy quiches in muffin tins

    YUMMMM! Were these in regular size muffin tins or the big ones? I use the big ones for some of my baked egg dishes but I just never thought of making a variety of mini-quiches. Duh... That's so smart! Thanks!
  15. timberbandb

    B&B Theft

    FYI: This was on the P A I I forum this AM... Last week, the manager of a nearby bed and breakfast called to pass on some information about their inn being burglarized. Three single women booked online and scheduled a late check inn. The next morning, the rooms were cleaned out of everything...
  16. timberbandb


    Interesting contrast between how active this forum site is vs. PAII's. Last post to the PAII forum was 2 days ago. Almost anytime I look here, the last post was more like 2 hours ago. Hmmmmmm.... ...just an observation...
  17. timberbandb

    Went by quickly

    Good for You! Congrats - especially on the "wouldn't change a thing" part. Woo Hoo!
  18. timberbandb

    August ennui

    Sounds like the dreaded "burn out". Time to reinvent yourself/your B&B. As already suggested, try something new! And breathe...just breathe...
  19. timberbandb

    Guest add ons - balloons

    If I know one of the guests is having a B-day, I just put the balloon in the charge - "just because". If they request a B-day "package", then add on cake or chocolates, then yes I charge based on the cost + about 65% mark-up.
  20. timberbandb

    We are open!

    Absolutely true!!!! I remember my first guests back in May of 1994! OMG - am I really that old?!?!?! Congrats on your new adventure!