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    Goodbye, Non-Refundable Rates

    I have non-refundable rates on OTAs and 7 day cancellation policies when booked direct.... policies don't have to part of parity. But BK actually offers some people their own 4 day cancellation policy on reservations... and if the person cancels, they find someone else or pay. I think X may...
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    Ever have people eat off the serving plates?

    Short teaspoon. Too uncomfortable to use for coffee or tea :) Normal size teaspoon size but very very short, so you can take sugar, but don't want to stir with it.
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    Credit Card Processing?

    Which reminds me... here, as of the 6th of October, it's legal to charge a CC surcharge. I'm contemplating it.
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    Ever have people eat off the serving plates?

    I replaced the sugar bowl spoon with an intentionally short spoon so that guests wouldn't mistake it for their real spoon. Sometimes they would put it in their coffee... but I was never sure if someone might have licked it and put it back... UGH!
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    Running a to treat existing reservations?

    I go one further. We try to not run into the problem, but if it's my loyal customers... I update their reservation with the deal and send them a new confirmation. I need them to stay loyal, I'm not going to alienate them for a few dollars when they are worth thousands. I also tend to put in...
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    Wordpress Captcha?

    Please... send me guests who are competent enough to be able to remember to press ✔️ after they enter their code.... please!
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    Uptick in OTA reservations?

    It's very hard for me to tell, because I give them so limited a set of rooms in the summer. I will say that BK did better this year than X, which isn't usually the case. X booked 54 room nights in the last 90 days and BK is 79 in the last 90 days. But I really just give them the "holes" to fill...
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    Wordpress Captcha?

    For the longest while, I beat them by putting in two date pull downs... arrival and departure as a required field and a test to see that they were at least 1 day in the future and at least a 2 day stay. The bots love to set it as both the same day and it just won't accept it :)
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    That’s not a diet requirement

    I draw the line at soy allergy... it's in everything. And lifestyle diets... don't tell me you are keto. He's a carrot... go munch
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    What’s wrong with this picture?

    We actually have a litany of emails that go out to them when we get the reservation. The first is an email saying that BK and X both use an email relay system and that we cannot guarantee the delivery of our emails. They are welcome to contact us directly via a link to give us their direct email...
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    That’s not a diet requirement

    We stock the waffles in the freezer because they are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nutrition fee and taste free... okay, not quite :) But they are easy to just pop into the toaster and we don't lose them. You can always seal them in bags of two in the freezer, easy to pull out at any time.
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    That’s not a diet requirement

    I've actually considered an extra for vegan. I would never charge a Celiac, but a GF... maybe. But if you learn how to make a vegan frittata, it's actually cheaper than using eggs and cheese :) The hardest part is learning to work with soft tofu... that's the stuff we find works best for the...
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    How do you handle far-advance multi-day reservations?

    We used to have NASCAR in town as well as the F1 Grand Prix. They are VERY different crowds. NASCAR decided to threaten leaving the city if they didn't get some "support" (extra cash) and all the hotels and restaurants in the city yelled at the city to NOT give it to them. They brought done the...
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    That’s not a diet requirement

    She's definitely wrong. But then, we had a lady who didn't like the taste of our GF waffles, so she decided to have toast instead...
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    Window Treatments

    Check code. We bought online. I won't do blinds because guests don't know how to use them... seriously. Doesn't matter what kind... they all die. I use blackout curtains and good ones. Never had a single complaint and guests often tell me that they love that it will blacken the room fully.
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    How do you handle far-advance multi-day reservations?

    We changed a few procedures this year. We accept bookings 6 months in advance. We send out several reminders, including one 3 days in advance. But we now also use the electronic check-in which can be done up to 5 days in advance. We have a link to it in the confirmation email as well. And they...
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    Duvet vs blanket and other stuff from vacation

    We use the all season. AZ code is B01JPECQBM which is 250gr and is almost perfectly square in Queen, so you can't really screw it up putting it in. Don't buy the cheap Chinese goods with fancy Scandinavian names duvets or duvet covers... they aren't standard sizes.
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    What would you do? Who right?

    Our rates have a + next to them, so that's the LOWEST price it goes, it can always be higher. Followed by the following disclaimers.... "Rates may vary (including holidays and special events) and discounted rates are based on a minimum two night stay" I have had people email me for rates. Our...
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    Duvet vs blanket and other stuff from vacation

    Actually, we do top sheet, then duvet. And we use the inverted duvet cover roll system to put them on. We take their luggage early, but check-in is after 3PM. We just can't get the rooms ready in time otherwise. But we always take luggage.
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    I Want to Cancel My Non-Refundable Reservation...

    That is awful. We haven't had a chargeback (other than a fraud case... and he managed to rip off others much worse, because I got suspicious). Most of my X and BK reservations are virtual cards... which leaves them to deal with a chargeback... so not my problem. My cancellation policy is a...