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    Trip Advisor - referrals

    Oh yes there was, they linked to our web site maybe not every web site but we were linked at no cost for a few years, and then they discontinueds the link and charge for it now. We have a tripadvisor link from our web site to our reviews for guests to view.
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    Need help deciding

    We started out as a B&B only about 14 years ago, we are not in a hi tourist area, so we tweeked our business to create a destination getaway. Since we only do spa getaways we were able to raise our prices and do less work. B&B is a lot of work, especially when you have rooms checking out and...
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    How do you take calls and inquiries when you are away

    That is good to know, I thought that both parties had to have it. I have ordered a new laptop, so when it comes in I might download skype also
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    How do you take calls and inquiries when you are away

    I'm trying in get the meaning of your post are you trying to be nasty???????
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    How do you take calls and inquiries when you are away

    Skype is great but the person you are talking to has to have it on their computer, however, everyone has a telephone number or email I ordered the magic jack today and bought it on a 30 day free trial, so will see how it works
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    How do you take calls and inquiries when you are away

    I have looked for longdistance packages but in Canada phone costs are more regulated I think no cheap long distance plans, but will keep researching
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    How do you take calls and inquiries when you are away

    Hi I am going to buy the magic jack and try it out and learn about it , I have a girl who will come in and take care of the house, shovel the walkways etc and she can mail out gift certificates etc while I am away She can call me and I can call her on the magic jack or email and I have a direct...
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    How do you take calls and inquiries when you are away

    We are a spa and Inn and this means online res form willnot work, as I have to schedule the spa services if we were straight accommodations it would be easy and I could just block out when we are away We do not take overnight guests while we are away just do day spas. Since most of our guests...
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    Common Areas

    We have a large great room as a common area for guests it is open concept close to the dining room. Our guests like to sit by the fire and enjoy their morning coffee in the am It has a fireplace, lots of wing backs, no tv the guest rooms have their own tv. We have our own private livingroom off...
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    How do you take calls and inquiries when you are away

    We will, be away Jan & Feb in San Jose del Cabos, it isnot a super busy time Has anyone used the magic jack? I want to answer inquiries and take bookings when I am away and want to do it myself. I know I can change my answering machine and ask them to send an e mail inquiry, If I have someone...
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    Too tastefully hidden...

    I have many rolls in each room I keep them in the cabinet/towel holder over the toilet and have never had anyone ask, one of them has glass doors so it is probably easier to find, Just leave the lid of your basket open, once they see where the extra tp is they will close it up
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    Inn sitting service

    We have had our business for 14 years and I think I need a change of pace and my husband can run our place, we are thinking of selling, and I want to open a innsitting business. Has anyone ever used a innsitting service, Any info would be helpful-I need a change
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    Trip Advisor - referrals

    TA in the past had a link to websites, Now they charge for the link and it is quite expensive. I use trip advisor when travellling, I just note the name of the B&B and then google them and find them, so I think if I find a great place I will end of there, we found B&B's in Italy this way, I...
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    Need a Voice of Experience & Reason

    Before you make a decision on any inn try finding a b&b the same size and shadow the owners, do some of the work, and see what it is like for a few days, this will tell you quickly if you want to do it. If you find a B &B that is similar and size and not in the immediate area, someone will let...