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  1. JeannineIrish

    Selling Our Home and Former B & B

    After nearly 14 years of welcoming guests into our home we closed "Touch of Ireland Guest House" in June of 2013. It then became our personnel residence until we put it on the market in May of 2014. We then downsized to a condo in a nearby town to be closer to our daughter. Our reason for...
  2. JeannineIrish

    Credit Card Processing

    I haven't been on here in a really loooong time. I have a question about credit card processing. This question is for anyone who processes their credit cards through Webervations and Intuit Merchant Services. Have you been satisfied with their Intuit rates & Webervations customer support? I...
  3. JeannineIrish

    Seasonal Move

    Well today I made the seasonal move from breakfast in the sunroom to breakfast in the dining room . The sunroom does not have torm windows and is not insulated so keeping it open for breakfast was cooling off the rest of the house. How I hate to shut it down. While not used for breakfast...
  4. JeannineIrish

    Musty Towels

    They was a review in another thread that brought up the issue of musty smelling towels. We have stayed at a couple of B & B'sn the past that had musty smelling towels. Even in our own B & B I have on occassion had musty smelling towels (usually the are dark colors). Has anyone else...
  5. JeannineIrish

    No Shows

    This has not happened often, but his is the second time this year that I can remember. Just wondering how other innkeepers handle it or how to avoid it in the future. A guest never shows and when you contact them they say that they never received the Reservation Confirmation. Both times it was...
  6. JeannineIrish

    B&B's Near Tampa, ST. Pete, Clearwater area

    We are going to be traveling to Florida in January. I was able to do a Time Share week exchange in the North East Florida are in Palm Coast that will cover our stay for visiting Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Amelia Island. We are looking for a place to stay while we visit my sister in Tampa. A...
  7. JeannineIrish

    Explanation for being away from Forum

    For those of you who knew me from being on the Forum here's somewhat of an explanation of why I have been away (from the forum anyway). The rest of you can ignore the thread if you want. Shortly after my Dad turned 90 a year ago March he entered a Skilled Nursing Facility the specialized in...
  8. JeannineIrish

    This Was A First

    This was a first after being in business almost 10 years. Couple checks in in early evening. They are going to be here for 4 days. Show them to room and explain the workings of the B & B. They go out for dinner. I was having trouble sleepying so I come downstairs to "our" sitting room to...
  9. JeannineIrish

    Stupid Guest Questions

    Encountered guests as I was fixing breakfast this morning. They were going to go for a walk before breakfast and asked "Do you know what the temperature is?" I told them I hadn't been outside yet or had a chance to check the weather channed. I felt like saying "Did you ever think of sticking...
  10. JeannineIrish


    This is my first post on the new forum. It is taking a little getting used to. I am assuming that only members can post while anyone can visit. Can the visitors see all the posts? I am really starting to hate one night stays. I just accepted a reservation in July where we will change over...