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    Total room clean or not?

    Yes but just a bit, not sheets, just make the bed, perhaps with a choccy on each pillow. Empty bins, replace the towels wipe down surfaces and a brief bathroom clean. Spray some spray and they will be very happy indeed!!!
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    Guests took something - I contact - then no apology just a mouthful!!!

    I'm so very annoyed,99% of our guests are lovely - but then there is somone who just spoils it all! Guests left the place in a real state, and then I realise a beautiful Onkaparinga wool tartan picnic rug is gone..... I ring nice as pie on the answering machine asking if they may have taken it...
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    all the posts are so long and skinny in the text - am I doing something wrong?

    I am looking at the posts and they are only three words across is this normal ? I have a new 'puter - is it me.... Julie