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  1. gillumhouse

    Saying goodbye

    A sad parting, Mort. If you are ever going to be near The WV, PA, OH area, stop in for a stay or a cuppa. You know my rate for you. Will miss you. And this week I am getting a taste of the summers many of you have - IF the call I just had calls back (and this time chances are better yes, than...
  2. gillumhouse

    Annoying or flattering? It’s all in the attitude I guess.

    Boy! Did they miss out! I suppose they will only eat in a restaurant if they are the only ones eating. SHEESH!
  3. gillumhouse

    Annoying or flattering? It’s all in the attitude I guess.

    My guests have changed their breakfast time when they discover another couple has a different time within an hour of what they were requesting. Love to hear them chattering away.
  4. gillumhouse

    It's the little things...

    I do not usually allow early check-in because it is not fair to the larger B & Bs, Well SHE let us check in early at no charge - but she only has 3 rooms. not 6 or 10. Besides, I usually have a meeting or something happening and do not want the interruption of having to be ready early. Late? I...
  5. gillumhouse

    Transition Phase - Who gets paid?

    Exactly. Deposits and unused PAID GCs are in the liability column and (in writing) should be paid to the new owners at closing. Donate GCs are not liabilities. IF you ever give (donated - not recommended) one, be sure to include at the bottom : No cash value Expires xx/xx/xx.
  6. gillumhouse

    It's the little things...

    Always their terms of whenever. Just wanting to get you to blink first to see how much they can get away with. It most likely will not matter because they will not arrive before 8 PM anyway. The early requests are usually the late arrivals.
  7. gillumhouse

    Request of the day.

    My other set is Johnson Brothers - actually the Johnson Brothers is what I have most of. The person who sold me the Johnson Brothers service for 8 found 2 dinner plates, 3 platters, and 8 dessert plates last year and brought them to me. I will still give you the cups & saucers - just come get them!!
  8. gillumhouse

    Booking sites

    I use reservationKey - yes, you can use it in the UK. it is an online booking system that charges by how many rooms you have not a flat one-size fits all fee. NO commission. You can set it to take deposits & credit cards or to not do either - your choice. I have mine set so they cannot book...
  9. gillumhouse

    Request of the day.

    Thank you. Those dishes are Wedgewood. I also have a set of dishes that are almost the same pattern.
  10. gillumhouse

    Request of the day.

    They did not sleep in. They were down right at the time they said. I was surprised ALL went, nut it was there for them to eat as much as they wanted - like a buffet. I honestly do not remember the first couple other than the clean serving dishes (to much has been going on here), the second...
  11. gillumhouse

    Request of the day.

    Were they stay-overs or check-outs? Isn't a buffet all you want? They figured it is also WHEN you want. I make mini-muffins so I can send them off with a box of muffins as a "care package". A half recipe makes almost 2 dozen minis. Gives enough to do breakfast for up to 4 people (remember I...
  12. gillumhouse

    Goodbye, Non-Refundable Rates

    I just had my second reservation from the road (Monday - a 1 night & last night at 9:30 PM a call for a 2-night) this week. On arrival - had call about 85-year old sister they are on way to visit, she is failing. We need to leave in the morning. No sweat, I will change it to 1 night. They go to...
  13. gillumhouse

    Goodbye, Non-Refundable Rates

    I never needed them. I rarely have cancels and my policy has always been 48 hours. I am in Podunk! I have to be flexible.
  14. gillumhouse

    Credit Card Processing?

    I love reskey and square. Several on here use both that take deposits and/or payment during the reservation with reskey. I think there may be another piece between - I just take the credit card number.
  15. gillumhouse

    Ever have people eat off the serving plates?

    I hate when they stir their coffee with the sugar shell and then put it back in the sugar bowl! I give them 2 teaspoons!
  16. gillumhouse

    Ever have people eat off the serving plates?

    I was putting a small plate under the sherbet goblet for fruit - until people were not moving that plate when they removed the goblet to dish out their breakfast from the serving dishes. Fortunately, I saw it before the food hit that tiny plate sitting in the middle of their plate for food (had...
  17. gillumhouse

    I got the PITA baton!

    I would even be mentally reaming him a new one. I grab ankles for guests - but THAT is ridiculous!
  18. gillumhouse

    BnB Finder - Time to Give It Up?

    I am waiting to see how they do it. It may be following the trends - and if they keep it separate eh. But if it is mixed in, they will get an earful from me. It will not be the first time. I am certain Eric remembers me.
  19. gillumhouse

    That’s not a diet requirement

    I am NOT cooking for 35 to 40 people every morning! Whew!! More power to you!!