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  1. Bommelhoeve

    Tour de France - Tour de Harrogate

    Camberly, how was your first Tour de France? I have seen some great video from your town, plenty of trees and historic buildings and castles. Sorry could not see your place, was it close? Great marketing for sure!
  2. Bommelhoeve

    Use of "FAQ" on your website

    When I was considering a "general" menu item for my website, I thought of using "FAQ's". The idea was to group things like: are there restaurants nearby? what is the difference between B&B and Hotels? Do you have parking?, etc, etc?. I looked at this forums members websites and as far as I can...
  3. Bommelhoeve

    Intro new Innkeeper

    As a former aspiring innkeeper "lurking" around, I like to thank you all for the great information and wonderful stories. Thank you!! Our new B&B is located in Groningen, the Netherlands (Europe). We have six rooms, two cabins and ample common guest space. We have recently opened and are...