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  1. YellowSocks

    Security Cameras?

    Hi!! It's been ages, but I'm popping in to ask about security cameras. I did do a quick search and didn't see anything recent, so I apologize if you've been talking about them a lot already. Anybody have cameras? Any particular kind? We are in a safe town and safe neighborhood but some years...
  2. YellowSocks

    Share your great guests!

    Gillum's post about her great guests hooking up her TV got me thinking about my great guests. I've only been open 4-5 years, and I have had some amazing people do really kind things... and I'm sure you have, too. A very short list of some of the things my guests have done... Checked out the AC...
  3. YellowSocks

    Grand Canyon, etc.

    Joey's post on Niagara Falls got me thinking that I should ask all of you for your advice on a trip out west I'm taking next month. I'm hopscotching across visiting friends and relatives in Missouri, Texas, and Tucson, but once I get to the Grand Canyon my itinerary isn't set. At this point I'm...
  4. YellowSocks

    Newbie no more

    In case anyone is tracking, back in 2005 I joined the previous forum as an Aspiring. In 2006 we bought our house, and I coined the term "Expectant" innkeeper... lots of money being spent, mindset was changed and not as clueless. In 2007 we opened our first room. In 2008 we got our sign out...
  5. YellowSocks

    Probably won't. What do you think?

    We have a potential booking for 10 nights for 3 rooms in July (peak season) but what they'd really like is to literally have the whole house. There's already been 3-4 phone calls asking questions, and they let slip where they stayed last year. One phone call, and got the details... weird...
  6. YellowSocks

    Cooperative Marketing?

    Has anyone participated in a joint rack card with other area B&B's? I'm interested in any information you can share... cost, how it was organized, if it was effective, how it gets updated, who participates, the works. There are some B&B's in our area interested in doing one... but naturally...
  7. YellowSocks

    It's gotta be some kind of first...

    One of our guests went out west of town with his daughter to get ice cream at the General Store (in the heart of a densely Amish area). While stopped at a stopped sign he got side-swiped by a runaway Amish buggy... scratched up the side of his car. A truck chasing the buggy stopped. Police...
  8. YellowSocks

    Poor dh!

    Well, my dh has been a full-time innkeeper for a month or two now... and in the past week or two has really started to get into the swing of daily operations (cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning!). Today's Facebook status, "Why yes, I am in touch with my feminine side. I work!" Last week it...
  9. YellowSocks

    Smart Box Guide Books?

    Does anyone have any experience with these, pro or con? Thanks! =) Kk.
  10. YellowSocks

    What would YOU have DH do?

    Dh and I are adjusting to having him here. We've developed a schedule to try to keep us on track that involves me homeschooling in the mornings while he goes out and does marketing for two hours. We are happy to report that it's working! So far he's had our rack card inserted into every mail...
  11. YellowSocks

    Innkeeping in the 21st Century

    Two friends and I organized a regional innkeepers get-together and we had a great time meeting area innkeepers and gabbing about all kinds of stuff. Early on a comment was made that when one innkeeper started most of the confirmations went out by snail mail and only a handful by email, and now...
  12. YellowSocks

    Health Insurance

    As mentioned in another thread, dh was laid off last week and doesn't intend to go find another job (if he even could with our town in the condition it's in!). We're covered for a while, and then could do Cobra... but I need to go shopping. For those of you who do NOT have someone employed...
  13. YellowSocks

    Innkeeper Dreams

    OK, so two friends and I organized a gathering of area innkeepers, which we held this past Tuesday. Our plan was to meet and gab, eat and gab, and have some organized gab, which was great! We met innkeepers from neighboring towns and had a marvelous time. Toward the end my friend asked if...
  14. YellowSocks

    Do you have "fairy lights" outside your inn?

    Do you have "fairy lights" outside your inn?
  15. YellowSocks

    Our Accelerated Schedule

    Well, we were on the five year plan that dh would leave the salt mines (factory) and be full-time with the B&B. It became the 3-3/4 year plan yesterday when he got laid off... Wish us well! Ready or not, we're on our own! =) Kk.
  16. YellowSocks

    Yet another laundry question

    I know what the stain is... cinnamon sugar and butter. Two small spots, but right where they're very noticeable. I've tried Shout, Oxyclean, and Hydrogen Peroxide. Any ideas? Thanks! =) Kk.
  17. YellowSocks

    What Advice Would You Give?

    Well? What shall I tell her? =) Kk.
  18. YellowSocks

    Slanderous Reviewers can be Sued

    I have read a couple of articles lately (including one in Parade magazine today) that there have been several lawsuits lately where the courts have sided with the recipient of the bad review. One was a case of a landlord in Chicago whose tenant claimed the building had mold. It is still a free...
  19. YellowSocks

    Wonderful Guests

    I just had the most wonderful guests who stayed for a week... fabulous in every possible way. In discussing recipes and ideas I often gave credit to this forum and my innkeeper friends. The guests wanted to know if I was going to post about them... I said that good guests don't make for...
  20. YellowSocks

    Do you have an "emergency" breakfast?

    The thread on oversleeping prompted this thread. PT (I think it was) said he can to an "emergency" breakfast in 10 minutes. What does an emergency breakfast consist of? For me I guess it would be canadian bacon, pancakes, and fruit that's not cut up very much... =) Kk.