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    Please take this survey

    Please go to and vote for Mark Twain Lake in both the vacation spot and natural wonder spot. You could also put Mark Twain State Park in the State Park category. There are also categories for some of our area businesses. Let's help get some attention for...
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    Here they are!

    OK I did it! Check out this video. Proud of ya'll!
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    What does your say?

    On your website, what is on your button? What does your say . . . . Book Now. . . . Check Availbility. . . or something else? And do you think it makes a difference? If they are wanting to to check availbility, will they click the Book Now button? I would like to hear your thoughts.
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    The nerve!!!

    Here is an email I just got..... The nerve of some people! Do they think we are that stupid???? Hello I am chris freeman i run a breast cancer foundation (healthy living foundation) I want to make a hotel reservation for two of our beneficiaries from Haiti, they are coming to your...
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    My mangle is on it's way.... Oh mangle queen

    What is the best way to use it for sheets? What about fitted sheets?
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    I was just having fun with my granddaughter You just never know where there might be an opportunity.
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    Problems with directories

    I have been adding my B&B to differant directories and I am seeing a common problem. SERVICE! Do these directories have us by the _ _ _ or what? Is it me? Is my level of service that top notched? ( I have proof I do provide excellent service) I just wish more people would take...
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    Planning my first PAII conference! Lets get this party started!!!

    Is there anyone on here that has a b&b in Tennesse? Looking for something halfway between Missouri and South Caroline.
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    Zucchini butter

    I saw this on facebook and thought some of you might need something new to make with all your zucchini.
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    Can't seem to get on Featured Inn?

    I'm lost.... what do I need to do?
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    How is the website deducted for taxes? Over 3 years, then time for a overhaul? Just getting an ideal.
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    It's done!!!

    Well take a look! I even have SEO this time! Thanks again. I owe you guys a drink!
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    Packages and Specials

    What packages or specials that you have, brought in more guest or increased the amount of revenue? Is there something that you haven't tried but are thinking about it? And if there was somethin that you did try but it just didn't go, could you please share that also? Thanks so much! Love you...
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    Do I need a land line?

    I have the land line set up to just go to my cell phone. That way I can answer the phone no matter where I am at. I thinking do I really need a land line? What are the benifits of having one? I don't need it to take credit cards.
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    Missed phone calls

    If you missed a phone call, but they did not leave a message, would you call them back? (You can see their number because you have caller ID)
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    Does all of your rooms have a closet? If not what do you have for the guest to hang their clothes?
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    Your never too small!

    Someone here mentioned not to long ago that they were small so they wouldn't have any groups. Well I just got an inquiry about a girls weekend and they would need the whole house. I look at this as a group so you never know. I did remember some things you all sugested about whole house...
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    According to Facebook it is someone's birthday today!

    Have a wonderful birthday JK Sorry we only serve beer here!
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    Glasses in bathroom

    Do you have glasses in your bathroom? Are they plastic, glass or disposable?
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    Website security

    How much do you pay your webdesigner for security?