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  1. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Lyle Lovett at Roanoke Performing Arts Oct 31st 2009

    Anyone interested - Lyle Lovett will be in Roanoke Sat Oct 31st - Halloween. I have only one room booked in thus far, if you would like to see him and stay with us - give us a call or book online. Here is the PRE-release tickets code to get tickets before they go on sale...
  2. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Donate donate donate

    "The county is having an employee appreciation breakfast and we want a 2 night weekend stay donation from you as a door prize." They drive me absolutely batty - do they send people to us? No, to the uncomfort inn where guests refuse to take off their shoes cuz it is so dirty and have all sorts...
  3. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Google Powered Search with Thumbnails - Pillows and Pancakes

    Pillows and Pancakes A Bed and Breakfast Guide - The FASTEST growing one on the net! 3 month performance guarantee or 100% money back For our new Enhanced member's, we are now offering a performance guarantee. We are guaranteeing an increase in the Enhanced member's website in Search Engine...
  4. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Innsitters and Insurance

    Do innsitters carry their own insurance as "contractors" you hire for the assignment?
  5. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Will you be open Thanksgiving?

    Will you offer anything different over this time? Do you have any bookings or have it blocked off now?
  6. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    R en talo

    I wonder if we can have a topic titled spam? How many receive emails from the re ntalo? (spaces added so he doesn't find this forum) It drives me nuts and I don't want to reply and get more. Has anyone actually worked with this guy or subscribed to his service? He sends the emails out 3...
  7. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    20th ANNIVERSARY - 2010 Commemorates The Claiborne House B&B's 20th Year in Business!

    20th ANNIVERSARY - 2010 Commemorates The Claiborne House B&B's 20th Year in Business! To help us celebrate this monumental achievement we are offering this special for 2010 only - Save $20 per night on a TWO NIGHT MIDWEEK STAY when you book your room online. Must...
  8. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Special Guests

    One of the very special guests we had stay with us is on tour again in our area in December, he is actually on our Blue Ridge PBS tonight. I play his music for guests daily after getting permission directly from him - he has a new cd coming out in Sept. I have invited them to get off the bus...
  9. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Pair fly to the wrong Sydney

    Pair fly to the wrong Sydney I had guests this week who were not here, but somewhere else, and called irritated that no one answered the door at check in (although I was right here waiting for hours!). Y'all know the name of our B&B, that place is called An gle Din ing Room. It is next door in...
  10. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    World Carfree Day 2009

    (I am not posting this here to be political, I am always thinking 'marketing' for your B&B. If you wish to promote this event via a special or something, that is why it is on the forum. JBJ) World Carfree Day 2009 Every September 22, people from around the world get together in the streets...
  11. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Not Selling to the Married Men

    Sad to say - MARRIED MEN, but it is the unmarried who are buying my romance packages and add-ons. You married fellas know you buy flowers twice a year on Valentine's day and if you got in a fight!! I am not going to waste my time marketing to you married dudes any longer... Married men "Hey I...
  12. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Music Promotion on your blog or website

    Do you love music? Do you think your guests love music? Do you let them know in advance when there is a show of interest or performance or event? There is so much around here I just can't keep up. From big name bluegrass, local musicians, to tours. I have found blogging about it enables me...
  13. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Twist of Fate - Tour of Homes for Charity

    Last night we rented the movie starring Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx called The Soloist. I fell asleep pondering it. A great movie that makes you think. Something came to me as I was asleep and it was this "You have already won the lottery" and I think I was smiling as I thought about all...
  14. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Good News: Travel Loyalty Program Membership is Shrinking

    Good News: Travel Loyalty Program Membership is Shrinking Excerpt: They focus on transactions while smaller hotels focus on the guest experience Good article - about hotels but we can glean some good info from it pertaining to B&B's.
  15. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Ticket prices to increase at Walt Disney World

    Ticket prices to increase at Walt Disney World Jul 31, 8:15 PM (ET) LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) - Walt Disney World is raising the ticket prices for its theme parks. Disney last raised its admission prices in August 2008. The Orlando Sentinel reported Friday that the base price of a one-day...
  16. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Selling a bed and breakfast & taxes

    I will be contacting our accountant, but before I do, can you tell me what taxes you believe will be payable when you sell your Bed and Breakfast? I have not sold one, only bought, so wondering what taxes we need to hold $ for? We have owned it for 6 years. Depreciation and business side...
  17. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    LUBOWSKA DEATH: Hedges heading to trial - INN the news 07.29.09

    LUBOWSKA DEATH: Hedges heading to trial Niagara Gazette By Rick Pfeiffer It now appears that a Falls woman, accused of running an illegal bed and breakfast will go to trial on charges involving housing code ...
  18. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Stinky Mens Cologne

    HELP ME PEOPLE!!! HELP ME!!! What is the deal with these old men and their stinky cologne? I cannot recall what it is, it is not one that my Dad or grandfather's ever wore - but it reeks and for some reason they keep picking on particular room and must stand on the rug when they spray or slap...
  19. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Editorial Inquiry -- America's Bed & Breakfast Guidebook

    Did you all get this? Dear Innkeeper, My name is Alicia Kachmar. I'm a project manager at a New York City-based publishing company that specializes in leisure and travel-related guidebooks. We are currently putting together a guide to Bed & Breakfasts in America ($50 or $25 SRP). I believe that...
  20. JunieBJones (JBJ)

    Richard Gere opens up bed and breakfast - INN the news 07.21.09

    Richard Gere opens up bed and breakfast You can't make this stuff up: So you arrive at the bed & breakfast you booked in Bedford, New York, and something's a little strange: "Honey," you say to ...