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  1. swirt

    FORUM : Temporary block on email addresses from hotmail yahoo and outlook.

    Hi All, We have been under some heavy bot attack for the past several days from bots that are setting up bogus accounts with bogus email addresses. To slow the advance I am temporarily blocking new accounts for any email addresses from and I do not expect this attack...
  2. swirt

    Google FAIL - Google creates horrible user experience

    Google spends huge amounts of time and energy trying to come up with the best user experience. They usually get it right, but every once in a while they come up with something like this! A person searching for a place to stay by name is presented with a nice "helpful" infobox along the sidebar...
  3. swirt

    Change to terms of use for this site.

    Since I created this site I have done my best to be as fair as possible in what is allowed to appear in the forum and who is allowed to participate. The terms of service for the site has remained unchanged since the site started. Today however after focusing on user behavior for the past...
  4. swirt

    Innspiring Fall down go boom.

    Thanks to all who emailed me to let me know that something was wacky about the site (not letting you login, not giving access to password resets, not letting you post comments or new threads ...) The website definitely had a problem that lasted for at least 5 hours. After a bit of head...
  5. swirt

    Interesting correlation of Google reviews to search positioning

    This article is not surprising in that it draws connections between reviews done within Google and search positioning. What is nice about it though is the numerical connection made and that it is tied to the accommodation industry (Hotels specifically)...
  6. swirt

    Don't upgrade to Firefox 15 yet

    It was just brought to my attention, and I confirmed it, that if you download the newest update of Firefox (15.0) then you won't be able to save a forum post here on the forum. WHen you try to post something, firefox removes the contents of the Body field before it saves, so then it tries to...
  7. swirt

    State of the American Traveler Survey (Winter Edition)

    New Research Reveals Group Discount Sites are Impacting Travel Planning[/h2] This is a pretty robust survey -> report from Miles Media The link to the summary: for the State of the American Traveler. The full version(pdf) is the link in the 4th paragraph of the summary.
  8. swirt

    Spam Holiday on Innspiring

    In the past 2 days we have been swamped by pre-holiday spam and many many accounts created only for the purpose of swamping us with more spam within a few days. To give everyone, including our moderators, a reprieve I have temporarilly turned off new registrations I'll turn them back on after...
  9. swirt

    New Spam detector

    Due to the ongoing high volume spam attacks that are becoming more common here, I have implemented some new spam detection logic. It analyzes a few things like age of thread duplicate links in a comment or post number of links duplicate posts It assigns a spam score and if...
  10. swirt

    List: Things only an Innkeeper would Ooh and Ahh over

    1) A simple house in a subdivision 2) Teflon toilet bowls
  11. swirt

    No room at the inn, after 8-1/2 yrs

    It is official. We are innkeepers no more. The last guests checked out on Sunday, the rooms are now all cleaned and done. Our property sold (not closed yet) and the new owner is not planning to run a B&B. We'd have done more celebrating of "the end," if we weren't so busy with packing up...
  12. swirt

    Site Updated with some new features / issues

    New Features Recipes can now be exported to 3x5 cards in pdf format Recipes now offer new methods of finding them (by ingredient, by title) Fixed Member blogs and Member B&B lists display correctly again. "Mark all as read" actually works within each forum. Issues (may or may...
  13. swirt

    Congratulations to GBManor for being's 1000th member!

    GBManner is user number 1000. I am so happy that this milestone user didn't turn out to be some spammer (we've had a lot of those recently).
  14. swirt

    Fresh content, fresh content, FRESH CONTENT!!!??

    Enough already. Some industry designers are getting innkeepers all whipped up into a panic about posting new content to their websites EVERY day. They are citing that Caffeine requires it. I suggest they switched to some nice decaf tea for a while because the panic they are creating is...
  15. swirt

    Forum Cleaning

    Just to let everyone know.... we've outgrown our space so I am doing a bit of "cleaning". Our database has grown to within 1MB of getting turned off for being too big (100MB of text), and the advertising is not generating enough money to pay for a more robust hosting plan, so as much as it kills...
  16. swirt

    5 Reasons NOT to Delete Negative Reviews

    This article has some interesting points about how to handle negative reviews. For the most part it relates to negative reviews on your own facebook page or on your blog or other media you control (as opposed to reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp which you can't control...
  17. swirt

    URL shortener - For link dropping in twitter and other places

    Twitter's limitation on the number of charachters you can use in a tweet created a need for link shorteners like tinyurl and others. In a nutshell, you can take a big long web address and shrink it to something short. Example: The link to this B&B website section of this forum is...
  18. swirt

    Name gaps on forum cra cki ng me up

    I understand when people put additional blanks in a specific name because they don't want the thread showing up and alerting the business to the discussion. However some of the recent uses have really got me laughing. Goo gle? ..... yah hoo ? Trust me. These names are never going to cause...
  19. swirt

    Year End Evaluations: Credit Card Processing

    It's that time again where I am crunching all the numbers getting them ready for taxes and in the mean time processing them for a bit of reflection. I just looked at the 2009 expenditures for credit card processing. Using Intuit Processing as my processor, I got 2.62% for my overall processing...
  20. swirt

    Google Reader can now watch pages for changes.

    Many of you probably use google reader for keeping up with your favorite blogs or news sites. (It reads rss feeds and posts the new appearances to your reader page.) It now has the ability of tracking pages and alerting you if they change. Why is this useful? You have a seasonal restaurant...