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  1. ginocat

    selling a Domain

    I know some of you are pretty savvy about websites and domains. Somebody wants to buy my domains and I don't know the what is legally involved in doing it? Do any of you know? Thanks, Wendy
  2. ginocat

    Reading Lamps

    So we've discussed TV and music a little. What about good reading lamps? I often go to bbs where there is a lamp only on one side of the bed or they are the small beside lamps - low and with a max. 40 watt bulb and not even a decent lamp (or any lamp) by chairs. I love to read - sometimes...
  3. ginocat

    #1 Ladies Detective Agency

    If any of you have read this series of books and have enjoyed them - the TV series begins tonight on HBO. It was filmed in Botswana where the series takes place. It is getting excellent reviews!
  4. ginocat

    I'm back from Sudan

    Hi, Am home now from the most amazing trip! I am busy right now but wanted to post a new accommodation site that a friend of mine in Portsmouth, UK has developed. For the most part it's free and he's getting some good hits. He also has a forum attached. There have been a few US BB's join. Here's...