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    temporary shower fix?

    A small hardware store! - on the phone -- someone in one thinks he has something i can use so fingers crossed. I don't think this was giving any indication there was a problem. It just broke off with use. I notice a slow drip in one bathroom. Yup, It's endless. I try to remember to turn on...
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    temporary shower fix?

    that is a great idea - but no, they are all different. got the closest looking one off and brought it into the bath but it attaches differently. oh well. i took pictures of the inside of the knob and the shower to take to the store along with the broken knob.
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    temporary shower fix?

    i don't think there is a temporary fix for this. i was upstairs cleaning a room and a guest came up and found me, handed me the shower knob that came off. and he waited for me to fix his shower. i couldn't. the knob fits over a thing that sticks out of the wall in the tub. the inside of the...
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    Frozen cookies

    what a great fundraiser idea! how did they keep them frozen? were they kept in the school freezer? just thinking about the logistics of that. huge raffle success i know of is 2x a month cookies.
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    Things we learn the hard way about running a B&B

    well, if i ever get a new 'hubs' i'll remove the foot board or get a bigger bed. for now .... i hear sleigh bells!!!
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    heat on and windows wide open

    I am amazed (but why?) that guests have windows wide open for fresh air and heat on full blast because it's cooooold outside. ok, crack one window if you really want a little fresh air. But please don't have three windows each open a foot and then room thermostat up to 70. I can't believe...
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    Someone's been clicking me !!!!! ..... or ..... why TA drives me nuts

    you are right! i'll dazzle 'em with breakfast .... or not.
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    Someone's been clicking me !!!!! ..... or ..... why TA drives me nuts

    I feel a bad review coming. Guests are here to claim a gift certificate. Complaint number one: the nicest room costs more than the gift giver opted to give a certficate for. Complaint number two: I offered the nicest room if the guest wanted to pay the difference (no) which did not go over...
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    When people complain to you about another B&B and you know the innkeeper(s) do you pass on the info?

    When people complain to you about another B&B and you know the innkeeper(s) do you pass on the info?
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    Do guests understand how to fill out online reviews?

    I don't think they get it. If they say it's over the top, then it should be the max stars all the way. Sorry, but I think the whole rating system makes joe public feel like a reviewer in the making. Going on and on (and on) with descriptions and opinions about the tiniest little things...
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    Last Minute Booking Discounts

    yes, they are offered in my area. i haven't researched it to see specifics. the largest 'upscale' place in my area does not offer last minute rates, but has already moved to their quiet season rates - we don't do that until columbus day.
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    Last Minute Booking Discounts

    yes i do have last minute discounts - IF the room is still available that morning. first call gets it. i have had people ask if there is any way they can hold a last minute room, say, a week away. uhhh ... nope. that's why it's called a last minute discount. one man kept calling, is a room...
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    for me, the big questions are do you have private space to retreat to as the guests are in all the common areas and continue to party and talk and eat and drink and watch tv and play music and want to cook far into the night? do you have big common areas with kitchen facilities? that is what you...
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    More of the same

    More of the same ......... Check in is 3 to 7 1:15 i see about 5 people walking across the lawn. I only have one check in today and it is one couple. The front door is locked and I am fighting a major headache. I hear the rattling of the knob and lots of discussion although I can't make out...
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    • Cocoa Cottage gets a sweet promotion - INN the news 08.23.08

    i've been told i 'need to buy' ...... a high chair, a booster seat, a crib, a play pen and a potty seat !! who is going to scrb that out? not me! i have not bought these things and i am not going to.
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    First Cancellation Charge....scared!

    they may argue with you, maybe not. hope it all works out well.
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    Cheap guests

    also, in your policies you need the words ... 'cannot be combined with other specials or discounts' if i want to rent a car or a hotel room or whatever, i look to see what i might qualify for like AAA or some other group ... what is my best deal, if any ... and i book. i can't then say, 'i...
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    Cheap guests

    there are some travelers who play this game .... how much can i get for the money? or how little can i pay? can i talk the hotel/b&b/restaurant/store/you-name-it into giving me a better deal? if i want to play, i will play. if i don't, i simply say 'no, i'm sorry.' make your own rules and...
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    Low dollar as an advantage

    So, Hugo, you own that site -- avvie , don't you?