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  1. josh

    Directories to add or drop in 2010

    What exactly would I be Receiving If I signed up and paid $300 on trip advisor? How does it differ from just a straight listing?
  2. josh

    What form of payment is most used at your B&B?

    What form of payment is most used at your B&B?
  3. josh

    Deposits for cashflow

    My cancellation Policy is very strict! On Vacation Rentals, I require 20% down (Non refundable) No changes to Reservations. Also they have 45 days (6 weeks) prior to taking occupancy to cancel out, otherwise they owe balance. In 4 years I have refunded once and that was because I screwed up on...
  4. josh

    Deposits for cashflow

    Well if someone is viewing your web site and sees that your rates are $150 a night for a room, Lets say that 2 other Hotels or B&Bs they are comparing with are the same price? Now lets say they want 5 nights at $150.00 = $750.00 before tax. Now , lets say they call around and say so and so...
  5. josh

    Pay an inn for their referrals?

    I offer 15% to other B&Bs here. One took me up on it last year as I did a $6500 booking from it. It was a wedding group and they bought all 3 homes for a week with a bunch of add ons. One sends referrels weekly, I always send Thank you cards, Last year I hand delivered 3 specialty cakes, Fresh...
  6. josh

    Deposits for cashflow

    I always take 20% upfront, I also offer 15% off if the entire Reservation is paid upfront, 40% of the people this year have taken advantage of that.
  7. josh

    Male vs female guests making reservations

    My partner and I looked at your place earlier on line, He loved the cottage that you have and another room. He also would love your area as he is Low Key, we are very different in a lot of ways, But Love each other and that's what makes us Happy. We both agree not to disagree and take turns when...
  8. josh

    Male vs female guests making reservations

    Well for instance I am going away this weekend to La Conner Washington for Easter Weekend! We are staying with my Friend who has a Waterfront Home looking acrross at Whidbey Island.... We like to go there and Read, Meditate, Enjoy some peaceful down time, Walking the Beach, Drinking tea ( The...
  9. josh

    Request for good thoughts & prayers - OFF TOPIC Post.

    I hope she feels better soon!! Hugs
  10. josh

    Male vs female guests making reservations

    See for me being a Gay man, I tend to like a little Frill, Not so much the Knick Knack stuff. I always love designer sheets and coverlets, All the Bathroom amenities, Fireplaces, Bath Robes and really soft lighting. Samsters House on here and yours would Definately be places I would stay...
  11. josh

    Male vs female guests making reservations

    actually when I see those cars especially in the Pacific Northwest I think "Granola"Earthy, Biking, Hiking outdoors people.
  12. josh

    Male vs female guests making reservations

    90% are women, unless its a Vacation rental in the summer then almost all men!
  13. josh


    John, I had an error message 500 It happened 3 times between 11pm until 2 am in the Morning, I still have to resend this message.. Does the system at all save it?
  14. josh


    Anyone else having problems with Webervations? I keep getting an error message when I am sending confirmations back, I had to retype this one 3 times, GRRRRR
  15. josh

    Hot Tubs

    Have you checked with your insurance company yet to find out how much your liability would cost?? That was what did it for me was the cost, also I hear they cost several hundred a year to run and also you need to post rules!! My neighbors are too close so one of them would surely say...
  16. josh

    Lost & Found

    I have had a Guest Leave a Diamond Cartier Watch once and Diamond Earrings . I called the Number listed and the lady who answered said "she was not in Seattle" said her husband would call and he did, But asked me to not bother him again. OOPS ... Can we say Expensive Hook-Up!! Other stuff...
  17. josh

    One Thing to Hire Out

    Laundry!! I love everything Else, Cleaning Gardening, Cooking, Decorating and some Home repairs. The laundry with 3 houses is overwhelming at times. Though I do have 2 Staff members, I pitch in along with Reservations and Check ins. Question is what is the "Favorite thing we like most about...
  18. josh

    Feedback on my Web Site!

    Hey it's all good!! I have 3 smaller homes, Not larger B&Bs like most of the innKeepers here -:) I do not have carpeting , except area rugs on the main floors, In fact most of my rooms in the Houses are main floors. My niche market is Mostly Asian ( common to not wear shoes) and also I cater...
  19. josh

    Inn for sale in GA - The Overlook Inn

    Well the income looks good based on the sale price! Its a Beautiful place.. sign me up if anyone buys it.. Heck I will just move right in...LOL
  20. josh

    Feedback on my Web Site!

    I am thinking of a Bar at the top and maybe another symbol or a Flag, I think its Subtle enough, The market I want to attract understands what it is, Others always comment on how pretty it is. I have gotten tons of comments on the site about How "Lovely" It is, I also want to have it be somewhat...