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    oil spills around the world

    I agree with all of you - this is not the place to discuss this issue but we all need to know what is going on around us - strictly for your information.
  2. K

    oil spills around the world this article is scary - why do we not know about this and do we only care about our own shores?
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    Would like your opinion

    Bad Paint??? It sounds like an excuse to me. Did he prep the wood first? Did he even use the right paint? Where did he get the paint - let them help with the expense. Did he give you a warranty of his work? If he is not going to stand up his work, then he will not be in business long. Not...
  4. K

    The year of the $100 room.

    I worked in the furniture industry for 30 years. I learned that if you can give a discount, it means that the item was over priced to begin with and the trust factor is gone. Give the customer a fair and honest price to begin with and they will come back to you time and time again. The same...
  5. K

    The year of the $100 room.

    Had a phone call last night looking for a better rate. Said they only needed a place to sleep that was downtown. Here only B&B's are in the downtown area and we all charge close to the same rate. Sorry but if you just want a place to sleep, there is a Holiday Inn Express down the road. No...
  6. K

    Photos at Inn

    From time to time,we have let local photographers take wedding photos at the Inn. The local bridal shop also sends brides here for their wedding portrait. We have never charged to use the Inn but now people are just showing up without making an appointment - some on the day of the wedding. I...
  7. K

    wide angle lens

    No - the company that makes the camera is: Konica WaiWai : Super Wide Disposable Camera [/h2]I just can't find them anywhere - they may not be making them anymore.
  8. K

    wide angle lens

    Does anyone have a source for disposable wide angle lens cameras. I know they were available for awhile but I can't find them anywhere now.
  9. K

    quick help - extra guests

    I also can not charge for breakfast so I let the guest know there will be no charge but we so accept tips - that usually more than covers the meal. We have a lot of military guest - we are near several bases - and we do the per diem rate for them of $70.00 per night - no breakfast. If they...
  10. K

    cloths hangers

    I know there was a link recently about stealing items like post cards and water. My issue is clothes hangers. We provide nice wooden ones in the main house rooms and nice plastic ones in the guest house. I have to buy new ones about once a month to replace the ones that are taken. There are...
  11. K


    We had 10 for breakfast on Saturday and it was like I forgot how to cook. Nothing came out right. We are known for great food - not sure the week-end guests would agree. We have 8 for breakfast tomorrow. Hope things go better. I need to practice more and eat less during our down time.
  12. K

    Hey! Keep it down in there!

    Our issue is the older guest who doesn't hear well and turns the TV on early in the morning, waking up the entire house. Or, the guest who gets up early and turns the TV so that they can hear while they are in the bathroom. I do hate to mention it to them especially if it is a hearing issue...
  13. K

    Age Minimum

    Do you have an age minimum for guest before you will allow them to check in. We are in a college town and get calls every once in awhile asking if we have an age minimum to check in. I go with 21 but I am starting to think that may be an issue if someone were to push it. My husband thinks...
  14. K

    Interesting comment on why biz guest likes it here.

    My husband was at a local resturant having dinner this week and talking to a man at the bar. The man said he was in town for business and staying at a local hotel. My husband ask him why he was staying there instead of with us - we are less expensive and much nicer. The gentleman replied that...
  15. K

    How to you handle trick or treaters on Halloween?

    Last night we had over 1200 trick or treaters and we ran out of treats. Next year, I am going to look for a local sponsor to supply the treats. This is crazy. We might talk to the city about putting an age limit on the kids - a lot were not kids - we even had one middle age woman with a dog...
  16. K

    Platform beds ?

    The only issue with a platform bed is the height. Some older guest have a hard time getting out of them and if you use a Temperpedic mattress, it will be even more difficult. A latex mattress will work better. I would try sleeping on one for several night before you commit to buying or...
  17. K

    What are Employee Innkeepers Paid?

    Prior to purchasing the Inn, we were compensated $30,000 a year including living quarters. We did everything including all landscaping, repairs, cooking, cleaning, marketing, bookkeeping, etc. As far as I am concerned, we were underpaid but I am sure the past owners might not agree with me...
  18. K

    How to you handle trick or treaters on Halloween?

    Last year we had 983 trick or treaters - we expect more this year. We live in a historical district that closes down the street and buses in kids from all over the city. The guest just have to go with the flow and enjoy the fun. I never hand out candy - just toys - the parents love it and the...
  19. K

    What bugs you? Innkeeping pet peeves

    Guest that request a special diet breakfast (no meat, no cheese, etc) and at a special time so you fix them their own dish and then they don't come down to breakfast or show up two hours late and ask if they can still eat. What I do love are the guest that want to help you by clearing the tables...
  20. K

    How often do you change your mattress pads?

    The newer waterproof mattress pads and pillow protectors are so thin that you can wash them with the sheets ever time with no problems. They protect against any bugs, dust mites, body moisture and do not make the bed hot. I love mine. They are also great for people with allergies. I would...