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    Guest Complaints

    Good One Mary! A friend who works at the Omni in my city told me of a guest (older woman) who refused to stay because they did not offer an adult movie channel. I've had a variety of "complaints" due to expectations that I can't possibly meet at a moments notice. A fitness center or more...
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    Guest Complaints

    If this was posted previously, my apologies for resubmitting. It is just too good to not pass around. From Thomas Cook Holidays - listing some of the guest's complaints during the season. 1. "I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local store does not sell proper biscuits...
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    Another MI B&B on Groupon

    My friend and I (she also has a b&b) in our city, are thankful for this thread. We were discussing how the groupon/living social works and to read everyone else's experience is great. Thank you.
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    Inn For Sale

    My place is still for sale too. Home of the 2012 Superbowl, just 2 1/2 miles down on the same street. Asking $299,000- turnkey. I have guests booked through the summer, but would really like to be out before the Indy 500. Just other shores to visit.
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    Trip Advisor Business Listing for 2011

    I signed up for their 30 day trial, not a single click through. Maybe it generates business for hotels, but I don't see where it has generated a dime for me. I would not suggest paying their $400-$600.
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    Need advice Christmas shopping for 10 yo girl please

    I have a 10 year old and Barbie's are a bit young for a 10 year old these days. My daughter is really into American Girl, If you got her a Justin Bieber CD, maybe an inexpensive cd player. The stuffmart is a great idea, or maybe a Border's Bookstore gift certificate for her choice of music or...
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    Is your B&B inspected annually?

    We are inspected by both the health department and fire department every year in order to remain in business.
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    How do you handle 'possible' need to cancel?

    In some cases when I get this call or email I offer them to cancel now and if the room is still available when they are sure they are coming they can book at that point. I explain that it is difficult to rebook the room as time gets closer as everyone who has inquired has been declined...
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    Helllo from JB at an innmates place...

    What a great treat I had today. To meet Samster, JB and innkeep all in the same visit! I look forward to seeing you all again. Wish we had more time! Safe travels home.
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    I could just cry.....

    I had donated 1 room and the couple no showed . I had over 30 people wanting that room.
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    Started my blog!

    JB, We shall agree to disagree on that. I have read a handful of blogs with really poor grammar, sometimes even bad spelling, and occassionally someone spouting facts without doing research. It put me off reading blogs for a long time. Little experience, no editing and a somewhat...
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    Innspiring quotes for innkeepers

    I met someone recently who said "I always wanted to have a b&b". Afterward I thought - does she really? is she doing anything to make it happen? Or is it like the person who says "I always wanted to go to Hawaii" and yet doesn't save a dime to go to Hawaii and uses their vacation time to visit...
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    Started my blog!

    I was hesitant to start a blog. I feel that everyone "thinks" they can write in 2010 and I certainly did not want to publish something if it is not worth reading. When I gave my intern the assignment of putting together a newsletter, she highly suggested that I begin blogging. Ideally about...
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    Trip Advisor certificates

    Yes, mine is on the window by my front door.
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    Inn the news October 22, 2010

    There is a b&b in my town that I toured before opening. They had tubs in the room, "odd" I thought, but if it works, it works. I think it is probably ok for married couples, but what about when you are traveling with a friend?
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    Started my blog!

    I just added a new entry to my blog. Innspiring is Innspirational Enjoy!
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    Started my blog!

    Mine is What is yours?
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    Innkeeping and Kids

    I try to keep my eye on the advantages of the lifestyle, not the struggles. Mine are 3,6 and 10. Sometimes they help, sometimes they just do their thing.
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    It is NOT ok ...

    Thanks for the reminder. I had almost forgot to contact a guest and ask her permission to upgrade her due to 2 people wanting the same room on conflicting dates. I immediately remembered after reading the thread. Have a lovely day!
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    I had a similar incident in the summer. The guest filed a dispute with their credit card and got the money back. Their letter to the credit card company was all lies! The room was in dissarray, etc, however when she arrived she complimented on how soothing the home was and how lovely the...