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  1. Anon Inn

    Season's Greetings

    Thanks for the all the help, camaraderie, laughs and closer-to-the-heart shares this past year. May we all be, as Gillum says: "as busy as you want to be" in the coming year. I am grateful to be able to continue in this chosen job. Cheers to you all. :)
  2. Anon Inn

    Look What I bought!

    Wow! I still have a toy one from when I was a kid. Needs a good home. :)
  3. Anon Inn

    Hot Water Question

    Our tankless heaters are mounted under a roofed porch. One year a cold snap did freeze and burst one of the Takagi heaters. Since then I tent them with vented reflectix and plug a small heater underneath when temps dip into the 20s. We don't get below freezing temps often here.
  4. Anon Inn

    Booking sites

    I'm considering Squarespace too. My site is performing amazingly well for being so hopelessly out of date. Its winter now, I'm officially retired from my other job, so time to buckle down and get this done. Even with the monthly charge, it will be little more than my existing monthly hosting...
  5. Anon Inn

    First look!

  6. Anon Inn

    Curiosity Questions

    I'm lucky enough to have not had this question. More often is: "When do you get time off?" I answer: "That's what Winter is for" :)
  7. Anon Inn

    Sharing a compliment.

    Love the 'chef' comment. Deserved!
  8. Anon Inn

    Busy Day Today

    Whew! You earned your nap!
  9. Anon Inn

    Credit Card Processing?

    Good to know. I’ve been looking at Stripe
  10. Anon Inn

    BnB Finder - Time to Give It Up?

    Was BnB Finder a freebie at one pint? (10+ years ago?). I think I listed with them then.
  11. Anon Inn

    I got the PITA baton!

    Guest comes down at 7am. ”I know we didn’t give you a breakfast time last night” Me: “ What time would you like breakfast”? Guest: ”Now” Not fazed. I told him it would take an hour to prep. Other guests had chosen 9a and 10a. Or I could make oatmeal quickly. He asked if I had any cold...
  12. Anon Inn

    Should I Sell A Service?

    Porch is just off the dining room, so if they want outdoor service, its no extra work. Lots of porch service in the last two years. This year too cool here (so far) For recycle, if they use the supplied bin, all good, if not, I no longer fish through the trash.
  13. Anon Inn

    Keypads and Keys

    Perfect low-tech reliable solution. I still use a manual lockbox, and yes, an old-fashioned key, for my hour-away unit. I encourage guests to leave one of the keys in the lockbox in case of lockout. They do. A couple have thanked me for the suggestion. :)
  14. Anon Inn

    Fail to Plan... Plan to Fail

    I’m still fond of the phrase learned on this forum: “Our discounts are built into our prices”. I’ve used it. It works. 🙂
  15. Anon Inn

    Pleasing the Irish

    We also have an artesian well with tasty water, tested monthly. Run by a volunteer board not getting younger. When the PUD took it over they chlorinated it. Not even close to the same. I used to love our water. But grateful to no longer be doing billing and reading meters.
  16. Anon Inn

    required field in ResKey question

    Followup. I have spoken to the guest who has supplied the address and proof he is in one of the few tax exempt categories in my state. So all good for now, but still need to update ResKey for future bookings.
  17. Anon Inn

    Pleasing the Irish

    Most in the US are on regulated water sources, either public or private. Our regulations generally require all running water to be potable, whether the tap is inside or outside the house. We even water our yards with treated potable water. For most US residents this is normal.
  18. Anon Inn

    required field in ResKey question

    Kind of a can of worms. I haven't updated ResKey in many years. This morning I got a reservation from someone who didn't fill in an address. Instead - in the address field he wrote that he is tax exempt and not to include tax in the charge. That doesn't fly in my state, so I left a phone...