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    Aloha! It's been a long long time. HELP REQUESTED ON ASHEVILLE

    I'm in Asheville and I'd be glad to help if I can. There are lots...and I mean lots of B&B's here in Asheville ranging from small to small-hotel size. I'm sure more than one will suite your needs. We're one of the smaller ones. We have great restaurants and lots of things to do here in...
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    The power of stripes!

    Recently divided our parking spaces with railroad ties with reflectors on the ends. Still have guest straddle the ties. Had one the other day park long ways across 3 spaces. Can't figure that out. maybe they were drunk. Another inn nearby has "park here" signs, stripes, reflectors, etc. You...
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    TA Door stickers

    Got the big one. Gave it to the neighbors kid who stuck it on the rear window of his old custom "love machine" van.
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    2 night minimum

    We have a 2-night min on weekends, during our peak seasons, holidays, when our mood dictates, etc. On certain occaisons throughout the year we have a 3-night minimum. We break the rule last minute if a room is open. By last minute I mean the day prior. Heck we even hold out for a Thurs/Fri...
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    Why call a B&B?

    We get that type of call from people who find us on their GPS. If the phone rings after 9:00 pm, there's a good chance that it's one of them.....and we don't take same day reservations after 4 or 5 pm anyway.
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    Reconfiguringguest room furniture - opinions needed

    Thanks for reaffirming my 1st choice to replace the chairs with smaller chairs. The reason I asked is that I over the past three years we have had a couple of calls to see if any of the rooms have a couch. We don't accept more than double occupancy and market as romantic, intimate, etc... so...
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    Filed under: Can't win for losing

    We've been thinking of using a keypad lock to keep from changing lock cylinders wihen guests leave with the key. I was wondering about some of these same issues. I think we have settled on a dead bolt for the front door that uses programmable key fobs. That way when a guests leaves with the...
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    Primetime hours for online booking?

    We get a few overnight reservations. Most reservations come in during weekday business hours. Judging from their IP addresses, a whole lot of our guests are making their reservations from work.
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    Reconfiguringguest room furniture - opinions needed

    We have a large room with big very big comfortable chairs with a coffee table between them. We will be changing the chairs out due to guests having sex on them. Yea I know it's gross and we have charged a cleaning fee more than once. Problem is that you can't always get the things cleaned...
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    Too much perfume!

    Why is it every time I have someone check in with chemical sensitivities, I have one of these perfume overload women in at the same time??? Murphy's law I guess.
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    Is this the place for me?

    I wouldn't even want to think about cleaning 10 rooms alone. We're a B&B and it takes an average of 1.5 to 2 man hours to clean/turn a room. My wife has a corporate hotel background. At the mid-range chain hotel she worked for, the housekeepers worked in pairs and were allotted 20 minutes to...
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    Trip Advisor has major problems !

    Traded out last week for some needed time off. Of course I submitted a TA review when I returned. Guess good review of the place we stayed had did not stick. What gives?
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    Trip Advisor - referrals

    Don't have a TA link yet. Did get a phone solicitation from TA the other day, so they're it seems like they're putting in alittle more effort to market the listings. What I have noticed though is that the traffic coming from the search engines with B&B's name as the search term has greatly...
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    advice needed for cottage

    Here's some ideas: Have a set cleaning fee no mater how many nights are rented. Make sure that your cover your costs, a house is a lot more to clean than a room. Take a damage deposit. All the vacation rentals and condos do it and so can you. Protect your investment. How many rooms does the...
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    We don't want your children....

    As most of our business is chill-out and/or romantic getaway traffice we are not a child freindly place. We only offer double occupancy which we thought took care of people wanting to bring their children. When people call we tell then that we are not condusive to children. For the 2nd time...
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    Cancellation/Booking Fee

    Back to the orig. question. We charge a $35 cancellation fee, if they cancel prior to 2 weeks out. After that the deposit can be used to rebook within the next 12 months less a $35 rebooking fee. Cancellation within 7 days then it's the full reservation cost penalty. That's the policy but...
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    In room chairs

    Several of our rooms each have a pair of chairs. judging by the reading materials left on the coffee tables next to the chairs I would say that they are used for sitting and relaxing. These chairs are large and comfortable with lamps nearby. When one of these rooms is empty, the chairs are so...
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    R e d z . c o m

    Looks like this is probably a scam. According to an S-E-O blog and numerous comments on a couple S-E-O forums if you get suckered into signing up you can expect to have a lot of hits, but they all bounce. Also this company was running a similar platform last year but changed the name after...
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    Have you reduced your gift certificate donations for 2010?

    We only discount room nights sold to the charity for auction. The way it works is someone pays for the gift certificate on behalf of the charity, we give them a discount and the charity auctions off the gift certificate with other items that have been donated. We have had several that have...
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    Marketing to Gen X vs Baby Boomers and Gen Y

    TV's are in our marketing description. But we have found that many people just don't want them in the rooms. This applies especially to women who book a couples get away. It's usually the old folks who want to watch the news that request the TV's. Most of my competition have in room TV's, so...