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    Dietary Restrictions

    When you take a reservation, do you ask if there are any dietary restrictions? This is not a question for large inns that put out a selection of breakfast foods.....only for those who plate and serve. Do you just plate it and hope they are not gluten or dairy, or whatever?
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    How was August?

    August has always been our best month.
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    OH MY!!!!

    I want one NOW!
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    Breakfast at 7?

    BD, hijacking here, but what do you serve for the continental?
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    Pillow Shams

    They usually ended up on the floor. Already had four pillows on the bed, so just got rid of them.
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    Coffee Supply?

    Community Coffee. Louisiana coffee, can be ordered from them on line. Offers free shipping most of the rime.
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    Skinny Taste

    Thanks. We will check it out. Already using MyFitnessPal, and I have lost 18 lbs and DH has lost 15. Just counting calories. I thought we were eating healthy until the first few days of logging in and realized we were still consuming too many calories. It's been 4 months now. But the whole...
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    breakfast nightmare!

    That's how great recipes get started....from a mistake. LOL
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    No shows

    Although you may not have been full, who knows who did not book because they wanted that particular room. Or wanted several nights but didn't book because that one booking was causing unavailability of all the nights they wanted. So her argument was not necessarily valid.
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    Sneaking in KIDS

    Not happened here, but I think you should not have accepted them. Sorry they drove a long way; sorry there may be no other place to stay; sorry they didn't read your policies. But, besides being against code and no way to bill them, it is not fair to your other guests nor to you!
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    So you want to become Innkeeper Chapter 1

    We have had all our teabags and/or indivdual creamers taken. I mean if they had used them while staying here, well, that's that. Seems weird to me. But my mom used to take all the soap products from hotel it's just one of those weird things.
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    early arrivals expected, but innkeepers themselves, and with no notice?

    Sorry that happened. It is frustrating when guests arrive too early, but for innkeepers? They know better surely!
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    Bacon Fun

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    New to forum

    Welcome! Just know that there are a few out there that cannot be pleased and probably get some sicko pleasure in causing a fuss about nothing. How was the husband in all this?
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    Happy FALL!

    Happy Fall, ya'll!
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    Our First Wedding

    Adding to Proud Texan's update on this: This is gonna be good money for little time and work on our part. And he did a great job on the officiatin'.
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    Why people don't stay in BnBs

    I don't remember any guest telling us about a bad place, but several have told us about quirky bnb's. Things that certainly made their stay memorable. Like where they were told to bring milk; so they'd have it for their cereal! But I can say that the last 3 bnb's we stayed at were not...
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    Why being nice is a pain

    We occasionally have an early arrival. So far, only like an hour. Since we just have 2 rooms, unlike a lot of you, we don't have a problem. At least not yet. Now that we are starting to do elopements, that could be an issue in the future. Our plan (when we have $), is to put in a keypad gate...
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    Funniest or strangest request you have had?

    Ark, oh I remember you telling us about that one! LOL