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  1. NW BB

    Value Adding-How do you get guests to give you good TA ratings on value?

    I really think that human nature is that most people want more than what they paid for and their "perceived value" is so varied that if you know what you are offering is more than just an ok value, then don't worry about it. It's a good thing TA doesn't use value as part of their formula for...
  2. NW BB

    How Busy is Busy? What's your typical occ% in your busy season?

    How Busy is Busy? What's your typical occ% in your busy season?
  3. NW BB

    Early Check-In This Morning

    What do you want to bet they don't show up early afterall!
  4. NW BB

    Pet Peeve Bed and Breakfast

    My pet peeve is having to ask for things as a guest...more towels, hair dryer, ice, etc. iron. If I have to ask for it, I probably won't... but then I'm not as happy.
  5. NW BB

    The Guests from Hell

    I agree that you have to kill them with kindness! I'm not sure I would do the upgrade, but that's totally your call. I probably would give them the secluded breakfast just in case they still have an attitude the next morning and you don't want it to ruin breakfast for your other guests. Good...
  6. NW BB

    See How a Bad TA Review Turned Into A Good Thing

    We have 2 negative reviews, so I'm not sure which one caught his attention, but probably it was the more recent (last Oct.). This situation happened when an innsitter was here (NOT the innsitters that I have recommended on this forum).As with most incidences, the truth lay somewhere inbetween...
  7. NW BB

    See How a Bad TA Review Turned Into A Good Thing

    So many innkeepers are terrified of getting negative TA reviews that they allow manipulative guests to walk all over them. I bend my rules when I feel it's appropriate, but refuse to be blackmailed, so I have 2 negative reviews. I just wanted to share with all of you how important a weapon your...
  8. NW BB

    turkish towels?

    Ask them to send you a sample of both Zenith and Lexus. They are both really good, but I actually prefer the less expensive Lexus, because it's a bit softer. We have used them for 2 years now and are very satisfied. They also ship your order very quickly.
  9. NW BB

    Soaps, Shampoos, etc.

    That was a great idea! Having local jewelry & art in your gift area is wonderful. You're supporting local artists, you get a cut and your guests have the convenience of having the items right there at their fingertips. Way to go!
  10. NW BB

    Soaps, Shampoos, etc.

    Thanks for the Bravo! It depends on the time of year whether our guests are flying in or not. At this time of the year, most of them have arrived in the NW by plane. Those people may not buy the liquid items, but we'll sell many of our cookbooks. Our cookbooks are made here by me, on recycled...
  11. NW BB

    Soaps, Shampoos, etc.

    Tim, Yes, you are missing out on a secondary income stream. You state that you have a brochure for the coffee you serve and your guests are interested in it and buy it for themselves. That's not a hard sell, and you can create that same environment for your products. Our two places seem quite...
  12. NW BB

    Value Adding-How do you get guests to give you good TA ratings on value?

    Forget about it. I think it's human nature to always want more. There's a B&B I know that has winter rates of $55 per night....their TA reviews are typically 5 stars, but people still rate them less for value. Go figure...people are never satisfied.
  13. NW BB

    Soaps, Shampoos, etc.

    We have a combination of both labeled (Fuller Soaps) bars and bulk shampoos & bubble baths. Each room is provided 2 bars of glycerine labeled soap (bath tub & sink) and the rest are eco friendly glass decanters. Our guests really love the Fuller Soaps and often take the used portion with them...
  14. NW BB

    The 'New" White Noise

    Each of our rooms has a standing oscillating fan (in the closet) and many of our guests use those at night for the white noise.
  15. NW BB

    This Innkeeper Is Not Playing That Game!

    Try 3 breakfasts (4 courses) for vegans who are gluten intolerant. I felt like opening the front door and inviting them to graze on the front lawn.
  16. NW BB

    This Innkeeper Is Not Playing That Game!

    Yup! AND she was gushing with how wonderful their stay was and how they'll be back. This same scenario has happened before...once I see them raiding the cookie jar all the time, I'm not changing what's for breakfast. Part of it is that people just don't understand how it affects us.
  17. NW BB

    This Innkeeper Is Not Playing That Game!

    So, I get an online reservation and under dietary restrictions, she puts "no butter, no lard, no oil, eggs beaters only". Sure, no problem. I seem to get more dietary restrictions than most other places...I tear my hair out, but I get through it. They check in, and they turn out to be a young...
  18. NW BB

    going with your instincts

    We have never had a guest use one of our vacant rooms! It seems like such an odd thing that people would feel entitled to using a room that is not theirs!
  19. NW BB


    I've only had 1 guest complain about how hot their room was. They just wouldn't open their windows! Fortunately, most people in the NW love the fresh air and are so grateful for warm sunny days.
  20. NW BB


    Come on over, we've got plenty of room! I don't know how any of you can take that humidity. I feel for you! I just couldn't live with it like you do. After living in Los Angeles for 20+ years, I'd had enough of hot weather. Now all I have to do when I'm hot is open the window.