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    We just got one hooked up, haven't used it yet but hoping it'll be a nice perk for guests
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    Just Opened in Kona...well May 1

    Congrats! My family is originally from Holualoa, it's awesome out there. Good luck with everything!
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    Trip Advisor Troubleshooting?

    That would be great, thank you Yeah Yelp is a headache, when I had my previous business they called me almost daily pitching ads Definitely want to get on TA though
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    Trip Advisor Troubleshooting?

    hey guys trying to set up pages on TA and yelp apparently I hit a wrong button during the biz description "available for exclusive use" or something like that I did it because we want people to be able to rent the whole place for a wedding/reunion/etc but now TA is rejecting us because they...
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    First look!

    Thanks! The bar is probably just gonna be open 4/5 nights a week, like 5-10pm, only 16 seats 7 suites total, all with kitchen, living room, sleeper, some with private decks max capacity for overnight guests is 26
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    First look!

    hey guys been crazy busy trying to get open parking lot just got paved, street lights, hand rails, grass seed, and various exterior carpentry in progress shooting for january opening (I hope!) got a bunch of pics taken last week (luckily my cousin is a pro) these are just the rough versions...
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    Credit Card Processing?

    Hey guys Ive got my booking software narrowed down to 3 -- reskey, resnexus, and think doing trials of each to see which one I like better in terms of credit cards, what processors do you like? I used square before at my previous business, never had an issue with them ideally Id like to use...
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    Window Treatments

    hey guys still working on getting our place together (7 suite boutique hotel) trying to figure out all the blinds/curtains/etc Im pretty sure they have to be "fire rated" for code we had one company pitch us, but they were crazy expensive (like $500 per window) any advice on styles and/or...
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    Mattress Questions

    Hey guys I'm in the process of trying to order all of our mattresses (5 queen & 2 kings) As I'm sure you know it is a very crowded & confusing market Any brands that you would particularly recommend (or avoid?) The main thing I'm looking for is Hybrid, medium-firmness, preferably not too...
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    Reservation Software

    hey guys I'm in the process of picking out a system for a small 7 suite high-end property I dug thru the old posts & see that lots of you are using ReservationKey had never heard of it before though it sounds pretty good Other ones I'm looking at: ResNexus, Mews, InnRoad The main criteria I...
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    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    hey whats up everybody long time/first time I'm opening a new place in western massachusetts, it is going to be small (7 suites) but very high-end ($300-$400/night) giant rooms with full kitchens, private decks, heated floors, walk-in showers, etc full bar & kitchen, outdoor stage for weddings...