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  1. Lee2014

    10 Year Anniversary

    Do something!! Even if its going out for supper with friends at a favorite restaurant! Send out tweets, facebook, instagram, newspaper, TV, etc to let everyone know what they have been missing out on for the last ten years! My grandparents inn will be 48 years this December. It will be...
  2. Lee2014

    Four Years After Innkeepers Started Complaining, Boo Finally Realizes There's A Problem

    Booking is more of a problem than having an empty room... I'm back here in New England. I missed the guests interaction!
  3. Lee2014

    Guests Are Changing...

    Having big heavy furniture usually solves this problem. Years ago guests would always move this certain big heavy piece so we just decided to leave it there and it solved that problem. Sometimes guests think they have to block the door so if you find an easy to move piece and position it near...
  4. Lee2014

    Guests Are Changing...

    I think Covid has made people more worried about contact so that has made more people eat breakfast in their rooms along with lunch and supper. Yes, frustrating! I would put another trash can in for food waste and see what happens. We all know people don't read and think rules are there to...
  5. Lee2014

    Happy Mother's Day

    Thanks for the interesting history!
  6. Lee2014

    Hello from an aspiring innkeeper!

    Check B&B Team Help Wanted page, White Stone help wanted page and
  7. Lee2014

    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    That's where I met all the other innkeepers.... In front of the fruit section.
  8. Lee2014

    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    Welcome to the world of innkeepers! Be yourself and enjoy the ride!
  9. Lee2014

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    Welcome! Greetings from Penn Woods! But I too was born and raise in Southern New England...
  10. Lee2014

    What To Do And How To Price...

    Can you go from one room to the other without going into the hall? If so, see about turning the small bedroom into a bathroom. And the bathroom now becomes a closet. (or laundry drop) etc. If you can do this, you can use the toilet, sink etc that you already have to save. Just a thought.
  11. Lee2014

    Only important to me … are minimoos still a good thing?

    A Themes or Contigo bottle will help your problem of keeping it cool. We have used them at the inn in the past.
  12. Lee2014

    Hope Silverspoon and the rest in the NE are OK!

    From down south....just rain. Rumors of ice to follow.
  13. Lee2014

    B&Bs for sale in PA

    You know how I love to look for places for sale.... Two well known Bed and Breakfasts are for sale. These are treasured gems of their communities. The Inn At Ragged Edge, Chambersburg PA The Carlisle House, Carlisle PA
  14. Lee2014

    Survived our first busy season!

    Congratulations! Just remember this is the industry that is feast and famish. Save your rich windfall money for the lean months. Set aside money for your taxes, bills, etc. in the winter months before planning on going on vacation.
  15. Lee2014

    Hello From the ragsdale inn dallas ga.

    Welcome friend! This website helped us very much when we took the reins of a B&B since we didn't have a single clue what we were doing.
  16. Lee2014

    Hello from me

    Grin! Its all about time. Everything needs to be done now. I found out the manager get a bonus for the work being done before a certain time so its push, push, push to get everything done as soon as possible. Their favorite worker can do 4 rooms an hour.
  17. Lee2014

    This year's guests have left more tips than ever.

    Want tips? Put an envelope with a thank you card in the room closest to the door. Hand write thanking them for staying with you and wishing them a safe trip home. Also put a post -it inside card which says Comments and Suggestions on how to serve our guest better. At the B&B our tips went...
  18. Lee2014

    Looking for some help

    Hello and welcome! I worked in B&Bs and hotels. The people who choose the B&Bs want an experience. They want to be part of your life, where should I go to do... What's a good place to eat... The people in the hotel wants their key to their room and slap the Do Not Disturb sign up until...
  19. Lee2014

    How do you respond to hagglers?

    The first B&B I worked at discounts were in our favor. A couple people got the best rooms in the house for the cheapest room rate during the off season only because we didn't feel like cleaning it that day when we had open clean rooms available. We just told them that there was an issue with...
  20. Lee2014

    Whip it, whip it good

    Hooray for Hilton! But glad I'm NOT there!