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  1. Silverspoon

    10 Year Anniversary

    Yes, I can attest that this is a workable plan. We take one or two weekly reservations from new guests in a season to insure we have a current guest base. All of our other reservations are from returning guests. Easy peasy!
  2. Silverspoon

    10 Year Anniversary

    Exactly! Knowing your market and setting your goals early in your hosting endeavor is paramount if you are in this for the long haul. The difficult part is deciding how much is “enough”! If you think having a celebration to mark your anniversary will help your business… go for it! Otherwise...
  3. Silverspoon

    10 Year Anniversary

    Hi all, It's been awhile since I checked in but we are still here!!! We opened in June, 1990 and are still hosting. This will be our 33rd year. These days we only offer the cottage with a Continental breakfast on a weekly basis. Most of our guests are returning so there is very little...
  4. Silverspoon

    Saying goodbye

    Bye, Mort! Wishing you all the best in your retirement. This board won’t be the same without you.
  5. Silverspoon


    The rate of inflation was set at 7.2%when we posted our rates in January so that is the increase we went with. Since we have only been taking weekly reservations from returning guests and filled up by March, we could easily justify our increase. If we were taking new guests now we might be...
  6. Silverspoon

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    Looks like there are 3 of us UMass alums here. Were you there when the lights went out in '65?
  7. Silverspoon

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    Welome! I was born and raised in the Berkshires, not far from where you will be, and it will always hold a special place in my heart! Right now I'm about as far from you as I could possibly be and still be in the same state...but winding down the B+B after 32 years of hosting. Wishing you...
  8. Silverspoon

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    Hey Beachouse...another Mass alum here! Class of '69 and ΚΑΘ. I wonder if our paths crossed?
  9. Silverspoon

    Selling part B.

    We found the perfect solution for our situation. How to have the house to ourselves yet bring in enough income renting to cover taxes, insurance and maintenance? In 2000 we built an 800 sq ft cottage and took 15 years to build a solid seasonal B&B customer base for that accommodation. With the...
  10. Silverspoon

    Tis the Season - For Chargebacks

    Arks, you might check out this company. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coverage | Travelex Insurance
  11. Silverspoon

    Just Set 2022 Rates - A Few Thoughts

    The Feds have rate of inflation as 7.5% so that’s how much my rates changed. No apologies needed. Everyone is experiencing price increases. I do give my regular returning guests a bit of a break though. They are a lot less work for us so they definitely deserve a break.
  12. Silverspoon

    Guest Vaccination Requirement

    In our state private businesses have a right to establish the conditions for service: shirt and shoes required, mask mandates, proof of vaccination are pretty standard requirements here. I’m pretty sure that requiring proof of vaccination is legal.
  13. Silverspoon

    Big shout out to Guillum House!

    This is bound to drive some additional guests to you! Get ready! Lonely Planet just declared WVa as the #2 Region…in the word!… to visit. Wahooo! Lonely Planet names the best destinations for 2022
  14. Silverspoon

    Timing is everything! And this time, it was good tim8ng!

    Whew! We had gusts over 80 and lost power, internet, etc. We were among the lucky a got power back within 24 hours. Many in our area are still out. Like you I was thanking my lucky stars we closed a couple of weeks ago. Out here in the middle of the Atlantic it can get pretty wild! Take a look!
  15. Silverspoon

    Why would you do this and why would you fail to mention it?

    Funny thing is that we had a maximum of 72 set on the thermostat but they would not stop complaining that they were cold. We tried leaving them comfy throws and turned the heat up in adjoining rooms but…no. They want it warmer and they promise “not to use the AC.” So I increased the maximum...
  16. Silverspoon

    Why would you do this and why would you fail to mention it?

    Our latest guests set the heat to 75 and open the widows…24/7 for the entire week in their cottage. Sigh….I feel an energy surcharge being added to their bill for their next stay.
  17. Silverspoon

    There’s nothing to eat!

    Spoiled brat. It never ceases to amaze me that parents put up with this type of behavior. I suspect the mom herself exhibits some of this food preference. Totally rude and uncalled for.
  18. Silverspoon

    Internet TV?

    We cut the cable cord last year and haven’t looked back. We use both Roku and Apple at the B+B and provide Amazon Prime Movies and Netflix for movies. There is an app on the Roku for our TV provider in case guests want to watch TV. If your TV accommodates a DVD player it should accept the...
  19. Silverspoon

    Ready to retire!

    Yay! Enjoy your new found freedom!