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  1. birdwatcher

    Gonna be a Granny-in-Law

  2. birdwatcher

    Need Votes please - no sign-up on this one

    Glad I wasn't late- just voted-good luck-do they award it towns that are unincorporated? I think it would be fabulous.
  3. birdwatcher

    Rough Night

    Oh how I don't miss those crazy emergencies...learned a hell of a lot when we did have them like the time the smoke detectors went off in the middle of the night THREE times and the fire dept came THREE times and we had to move a couple to another place-thank God the next day. It was absolutely...
  4. birdwatcher

    We can't stand you....

    That was really ugly. And I resemble some of those remarks. But most of the guests that we've encountered like K said 99% were nice guests. Yes, we are all human, but if you get to that height of unhappiness-its time to quit or never ever be an innkeeper...
  5. birdwatcher

    so in love! had to share

    Being a grandparent is the reward of raising children---congrats-I've never had so much fun being a grandma-my grandkids call me Nona
  6. birdwatcher

    How many different places to say the same thing?

    yes all guests do unless you have a return policy with an acknowledgement of what it says when they make the reservation with their e-signature on them, even then-they will claim they didn't see it.
  7. birdwatcher

    Would you say something?

  8. birdwatcher

    Shut Down and Go?

    That is wonderful-glad it all worked out
  9. birdwatcher

    Fingers crossed

    Hope you had a painfree day....
  10. birdwatcher


    Im sorry this happened Flower-you know we live in the boondox too and we had many things delivered to the house, if all you need is the frame and headboard, you may be able to have one sent to your place through UPS or Fed Ex-is that a possibility?
  11. birdwatcher

    Shut Down and Go?

    I am late in replying- sorry for your loss and glad the accident was not worse. That said-Go with your DH, life happens and in a small business as yours specially because there is only two of you-the guests will either understand or be pissy-like K said-FAMILY FIRST! Guests will come and go-give...
  12. birdwatcher

    I Got a Bonus!!

    That's awesome K! we finally have DSL in our small little town...very happy indeed.
  13. birdwatcher

    Birds nesting on the porch - charming or disgusting?

    those must be finches arks-they will nest in the hanging baskets, and they are not a nuicience and yes they sing pretty-
  14. birdwatcher

    Birds nesting on the porch - charming or disgusting?

    I agree with everyone else-hope you got rid of the nest before they laid their eggs, if not you may be stuck with it unless you want to make one mamma mad-as soon as they are gone make sure you put wire on that hole or yes they will come back every year-and they are not native but smart
  15. birdwatcher

    Well we are done for now....

    I am going home sunday and then to VA for memorial day-let me know when you are available
  16. birdwatcher

    Well we are done for now....

    thanks you all-im excited for my next should be interesting.