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    Pursuing a B&B

    You know, all of these are great thoughts from experience, and I just wanted to add another point of view. Write a business plan if you want to...and it is OK to fill in the nitty gritty details later when you know more. I like order. I love planning. When I first thought of buying, I...
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    Back to Daily Cleaning? Neatening? Yea or Nay?

    We are in our high season. We have had two guest reviews this high season from travelers who got upset since we don't enter the room during their stay (one from a doctor). I am thinking of either having a door hang thing for cleaning, or just to do trash, toilet paper, coffee. I am interested...
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    What does your Garden grow?

    That sounds really lovely...and so interesting that you have integrated native gardens in your offering. I'd love to check out your website to learn more about your place if you message me. We are located in the tropics and our relationship with the flora and fauna is more adversary. Like, I...
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    Arrived 2-11-2022 Great-Grand #2, first girl

    Beautiful! Congratulations!
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    Hope Silverspoon and the rest in the NE are OK!

    Another day in the 70s here in the tropics. No snow in sight, but I do think it would be fun to watch my son play in...he's never seen it. We're in full high season, getting our northern vacationers now, Canadians escaping the winters and East coast folks in the States.
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    Dealing with Fraudulent Bookings

    I'm with FHI2426. I think it is odd and may be someone who had cold feet about the reservation. If I were you, I would try checking out some online alternative payment methods for you to accept for these larger purchases that would protect you. For example, sending an invoice through paypal...
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    Hello! Who wants to open up a Bed & Breakfast with me?

    Yes, I would say that there is a large percent of the population who grew up in a time when it was illegal, and still have a 'this is a marginal activity' idea. Purely from a 'who am I selling to', there will be people who would actively avoid a place that focuses on cannibis. So, I do think...
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    Halloween menu - what are your favorites?

    It sounds lovely, and I'm sure your guests will appreciate. Make sure they know it is the Halloween breakfast, so they appreciate the effort you went through. I've never done anything...but I would definitely appreciate the special little effort if I was staying at a place and they did a themed...
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    The best laid schemes of mice and men often go askew.

    Only three days? ;) Yes, I would be doing a daily snake inspection before bedtime with a flashlight for a while. We always wondered if the guest had brought the snake here in his duffel bag from his last place without realizing it (but you would have to be kind of unobservant not to realize the...
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    The best laid schemes of mice and men often go askew.

    We live in the tropics. I got a call one night...umm, we have a snake in our room. What a snake! It was over eight feet long- a boa. It was cuddled up in his dufflebag. Seriously, there are moments when you are like, how am I supposed to handle this? 10pm at night with your one year old...
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    Free rooms - discuss.

    You know, I've done several freebies, and have had pretty good results. I have also turned many away. I think when I started, I was worried about getting taken advantage of, so I said no, but as our business matured, I thought, well, why not give this a try. I think the key for me is to be...
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    There’s nothing to eat!

    Ha! It's so nice to hear that viewpoint! We have a six year old, so, as a parent traveling with one of those little humans, I was going to keep quiet on this thread. I agree parents make the difference...we have also had our share of overly energetic kids, but I wouldn't ban them. Now, if I...
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    Hotels moving away from daily cleanings...

    Guess who just read this and thought...ah, laminated note, great idea 🙋‍♀️ . I've done the same, but not laminated. I've been printing and cutting out little quarter page sheets for a year,to leave in the guest's room. And have been frusterated that we need to change them after almost every...
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    What would you have done?

    I'm sure you have put quite a lot thought into this, but if most of your customers want it....don't let your interpretation of what good food is get in the way of what customers want. I struggle with this too. I live in a country where fried hotdogs are a popular breakfast side dish (instead...
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    What would you have done?

    Let me tell you what I've done that has not worked and how you did much better than me :) . I've said, sure, just let me warn you, we do have a small fee for special orders. That's how we first handled it. NO ONE IS HAPPY WITH SMALL FEES FOR SPECIAL ORDERS. It is very effective in reducing...
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    Looking for some help

    When people want personalized service and they are looking for an 'experience' not just a stay, they book a B&B, when they want to connect with people and a unique lodging they also book any small, independent lodging option, and when they want to feel safe in a new environment they book small...
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    What are your marketing efforts worth?

    Yes. I think it is different. When I am spending a lot of money, in something I haven't done before, I am wary of things that are different. THat being said, maybe it would attract more of the investor type.
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    Sold EZPZ

    Sometimes it is just time to move on, don't I know it! Best wishes!
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    interview Questions

    From my experience, I can tell you what I've done wrong :) . I think we have been pretty good at making sure people have had the basic skills or training them. It's the other 'stuff' that is the issue. In my years in business, I have fired many people, something that I was hesitant to do at...
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    Small Motel for Sale in WV

    I checked out the pictures. What a beautiful place! I just love the bathroom walls. Did you do the design yourself? If I were looking for an opportunity to get in the business in your area, I think this would be a top contender. It's set up to be self-check in, but there are tons of...