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  1. sonatainn

    Expedia vs

    Howdy guys! I have been using for years now, and it's been a good relationship...hardly any kinks. I use a service called "myallocator," to sync my Reservation Key database with This service also synchronizes with a bunch of different channels, one of which includes...
  2. sonatainn

    digital door entry security

    We have RFID locks through Kaba Ilco, installed in all of our rooms, and entrances....I highly recommend them (though they are pricey.)
  3. sonatainn

    ReservationKey Server Down?

    aannnnnnd it's back! (11:33am) Thanks John!
  4. sonatainn

    ReservationKey Server Down?

    It's down for me (11:30am Atlantic Time.)
  5. sonatainn

    Problem with customer...need advice.

    I had a customer today who booked a room with us a couple of weeks back....entered the room, and hated it...and decided to leave. He booked two nights, and made it clear to me (in an incredibly threatening tone,) that he would reverse the charges on his credit card if we charged it. He booked...
  6. sonatainn

    ResKey Discount Question

    Also, if you guys have questions about the system, use the messaging option (click the envelope at the top right,) and you can send a message to support (John,) right from your console. John is pretty good about getting right back to you!
  7. sonatainn

    Hate Assumption....

    Eric...sounds like you're in Moncton, NB eh? Howdy Neighbour!
  8. sonatainn

    ResKey Down?

  9. sonatainn

    ResKey Down?

    John's in California I's 6am over there now...might be a while :(
  10. sonatainn

    ResKey Down?

    Anyone else having a problem logging in? I keep getting Provider error '80004005' Unspecified error C:\WWW\RESERVATIONKEY\V2\INC\../inc/inc_subs.asp, line 11
  11. sonatainn

    Monthly expenses?

    Loved the chart! Don't forget Oppida that you'll have to factor in Heat and Electricy. If you offer A/C, your Electricity is going to be quite the expense. Hot water is a factor as well....telecommunications (internet, phone, fax (or efax,) toll free number) engine...
  12. sonatainn

    Great article about the power of twitter for small business!

    Joey, Sonatainn isn't my main baby. you should follow @hhhouse instead ;) Thanks for the advise on Reservation Key as well! :D
  13. sonatainn

    Great article about the power of twitter for small business!

    Twitter works well. The reason why a lot of people don't understand it, is because many look at it similar to facebook. Tweets are public (unless otherwise set.) They are public and indexable, which means they can be searched through. The power of twitter comes in twitter search. Most twitter...
  14. sonatainn

    CCTV Cameras

    If you're looking for a great, and cheap IP camera (cameras you can easily stream online for remote viewing.) Try FOSCAMs. They are marvellous!
  15. sonatainn

    Poached Peaches with White Cheese Mousse

    Flower: The easiest way for you to share pictures with us, would be to use dropbox. Click the link the installer, then follow the instructions. Pretty soon, you'll have a folder on your computer called "My Dropbox" Inside that folder you can make another folder and put all your...
  16. sonatainn

    B&B for Vets - Canada

    When I first read this, I thought the subject under discussion was about B&Bs for Veterinarians. Silly me :D Did anyone else feel this way? Am I the only jerk?
  17. sonatainn

    How to: track QR codes in Google Analytics

    Good Link! My QR codes all point to a address for easy tracking. I use for twitter links as well so that I know they are being clicked on. has a great interface for tracking clicks. Todd: There is a native QR reader in all android smartphones. Android...
  18. sonatainn

    Google Places Removing TripAdvisor

    I love google, and I love google places, but I'm not a big fan of google dropping tripadvisor reviews from my page. Also, I worry about the TOS for writting reviews. Tripadvisor's TOS requires the user to have stayed at the lodging in question, and also has strict guidelines that many reviewers...
  19. sonatainn

    Another glitch in Rezovation Gt, another glitch has occured with the new update. I'm not sure if this is limited to my account, but I urge any RezGT users to double check. I have noticed, since the new patch, that all incoming online bookings are missing the state/province entry. Anyone else having this issue?
  20. sonatainn

    Another glitch in Rezovation Gt

    Confirmed: The update has fixed this issue. For some reason though, the reminder's subject lines are now all in lower case, odd. Well, at least they are going out! Let's hope it doesn't break again. Note to RezGT: When something like this happens, please let your customers know. This...