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    Gift certificate sales

    Our GC sales are way up too. Sort of a nice thing.
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    Yep saw that on the site from the other thread. Can't wait to see.
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    Unsubscribe inbox

    I liked the one about pressing the number 9 when you get a sales call. Not sure if it works as we have a business line.
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    My customers

    That is a huge percentage of rebooking. Congrats on that.
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    AK & LA 2014 Survey Highlights

    The more middle of the road places that I have stayed, have all had the complimentary breakfast.
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    B&B.c om - How the ranking works on the state page and others.

    PS it also works on their B&B's for sale listings. It is mentioned in the way to sort menu.
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    B&B.c om - How the ranking works on the state page and others.

    Now this guy got to talking and he has worked there since 1996 or so. I got the full resume... Yeah, I am a talker. Anyways he seemed informed. Maybe he just wanted me to have something to do other then talk to him. hahah PS Welcome back Morticia.
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    Office hours?

    We pretty much only do a five state area so we can screen based on the location. The robo calls tend to be two or more states over. Once in a great while we will miss a reservation this way but we avoid 75% of the computer/sales calls. Otherwise if I hear it I answer it.
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    B&B.c om - How the ranking works on the state page and others.

    They rank based on the completeness of your listing. I had increased my level from Silver to Platinum and was wondering why we were always int he same spot. This is why. We need to add the max photos etc. So to be clear they rank on your level (how much you paid) but they secondary criteria is...
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    Tripadvisor business listings. Have you canceled or do you plan to cancel? Info needed please

    I tried them for a year. We got very little traffic through the link. If you look at the site you will see why. It is not obvious where to click. The reviews are nice and hopefully beneficial to us and them but otherwise I think people use it as a resource after they find us.
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    Requesting Proof of Funds

    Most recent bank statement, brokerage statement will do. Be aware that most people don't have this type of money laying around in a savings account so you might get more then one statement as they would have to close out investments and pool up the funds.
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    Salem officials cracking down on Airbnb, Uber

    Sounds like they are doing it right. Let them do the same as the other businesses in their space and have at it. ::Two thumbs up!::
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    AirBnb Innkeepers

    I use a professional service in Brazil to rent out my place when I am not there, and they advertise on AirBnB. Soit can be legit sometimes. I assume this is less then the norm though.
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    #Socialnomics 2014

    Interesting. We are getting more and more connected. Thank gosh for mobile as we were tied to the house before.
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    Aspiring Innkeepers - what's the biggest hurdle that holding you back?

    It is getting a bit easier but as a seller we are finding that the biggest hurdle is financing. Yes, it would be nice if everyone did adequate fundraising before they decided to buy but not very realistic. Like I mentioned though it looks like we have finally seen the light at the end of the...
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    Live In Manager

    My experience has shown that everything can work as an idea. Get a good set of numbers and then plug in the difference for this person. If you are looking to break even for a few years until you retire to this position or to hold the land etc. It will all matter on price paid and cash flow.
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    TA Business Listing with TripConnect

    Sounds like a very reasonable solution as I hate how it works now for the B&B as most of us aren't in those big booking engines.
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    We did our own Grou pon

    Hit 20 but it has slowed down. I think that people are used to the format. Now the bad news is that like most of us, we live off of repeat business so now we just trained them to expect a deal.
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    We did our own Grou pon

    The idea was to offer it as that sort of deal with a limited time but it is a BOGO pretty much. With a few thousand person mailing list we sold 18. So at a $179 per it was quite the hit. And we are still in the first 24 hours so we might pick up a couple. I thought I would share as the response...