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    Curiosity Questions

    "Was this place always a B&B?" No, it was originally a large family home, but it's perfect for a B&B. "Oh, you live here too?" Yes. So, no shenanigans. "What made you move here to _______?" Um, look around. We're in the mountains. Conversation starters, but it's funny how they all ask the...
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    Credit Card Processing?

    I just started using Reservation Key and have always used Square. Very easy on both counts!
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    What is wrong with people

    That was my first inclination too, but I hold a server's license and wasn't sure that I wouldn't be held responsible if I did let him leave and he killed somebody on the road.
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    That’s not a diet requirement

    There are some diet requirements out there that really stretch the creativity, that's for sure. Weird allergies, etc. I always ask when they make a reservation so I can be prepared ahead of time. Haven't had a complaint yet. ....crossing fingers....
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    What is wrong with people

    Oh, it could have been FAR worse, no doubt!
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    What is wrong with people

    Just want to share the doozy happened last night. Expedia (which I loathe) allowed a guest to book last minute without a complete phone number. Guest wasn't answering emails either. This couple shows up, he clearly has alcohol on his breath but not acting drunk. Yet. They leave for dinner...
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    Duvet vs blanket and other stuff from vacation

    Funny I was just thinking about switching to duvets. I know I love them in places we stay (so snuggly) but not sure how to implement in my own B&B. Any suggestions would be welcome!
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    Do you write your own blog and do your own social media?

    I have a friend who does this and could use the income, but I would still have to sit down and feed her the information. If I have to take the time to do that, I might as well post it myself. Just like one of you mentioned above, nobody knows your place and its specifics like you do.
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    Add two more bathrooms?

    I never thought about asking about room setups, so I appreciate everyone pitching in their experience in a previous post. My setup is two rooms at each end of the hallway, let's say two suites with a full bath between each room. If both rooms are occupied, the bathroom is shared. I've had...
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    Dealing with Fraudulent Bookings

    Thank you all so very much for posting your experiences on this topic. I've had a couple of email scams come through, but nothing as egregious as some of you have had to deal with. All great points and insight into dealing with the less honest among us. Cheers to a great 2022!
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    Guest Vaccination Requirement

    We aren't required to ask, but I do word my email in such a way that everyone willingly lets me know they have been vaccinated. Fortunately, 95% of my guests are affiliated with Philmont Scout Ranch and already know the expectations. We've been very fortunate during all this.
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    There’s nothing to eat!

    There were two sets of families that turned me off to kids, which is sad because I've had some good ones. One set rented all four rooms for a ski trip, with three kids hopped up on artificial colors and sugar (I could have opened a small Sam's for all the cookies, crackers, chips, and sugary...
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    I guess Innspiring has surrendered to AirBnBs too

    Lately, I've been thinking of revamping how we do things here at our Inn, and I find your knowledge invaluable. It's always been a dream of mine and though I'm living it, it does have its trials. (Just yesterday I was making a list of who is not welcome back here! There's only four in four...
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    Booking sites

    Hello all! Who do you use for advertising/obtaining bookings? I'm currently using Expedia and AirBnB, but I'm seeing others starting to come on the market. This is the second time Expedia has messed up my bookings over the 4th of July, so I'm looking for other alternatives. TIA! Erin Tawney
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    I had a couple book, arrive late, and tell me they were from an area with a huge virus outbreak and he was told by his employer not to leave his state. My Inn rooms are all under one roof along with our living space. To say I was upset is an understatement. Then I find out they are smokers on...
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    A little insight into the whole Gluten Free, I'll have a cookie, thing

    Hi Seashanty, I'm sorry you have to suffer with RA. You might also check into essential oils (or I can if that's easier) to see if something there might give you some relief. Regarding providing gluten free options, I ask my guests if they have any dietary requirements so I can tailor meals to...
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    What works for you?

    Before we jump off and invest in marketing outside of our website and FB page, what works best for you? Air B&B, web, B&B.coms, etc?
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    Good morning! Specifically for those innkeepers who live on-site, how do you insure your B&B (commercial or personal) and which company do you use?
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    Serving time

    What a great idea! Thank you for sharing that!
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    Serving time

    Exactly! With outdoor enthusiasts here in the mountains, the earlier you start the less likely you are to get caught in the rain. I expect requests for earlier meals, but just wanted a general start time. Thank you!