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  1. Penelope

    A microbrewery on our street

    I'm planting hops this spring!
  2. Penelope

    You know it's time to get out when...

    At what point is it worth considering? When you leave all of your cleaning supplies out and forget to put them away? Even when the guest checks in? When your place smells of urine (hopefully mouse) and unuse? When your guest towels smell like mildew and moth balls? When there are no keys...
  3. Penelope

    Early Risers Making Noise - What Can You Do?

    Just a different perspective: my now 15 year old son is hard of hearing. If he doesn't have his hearing aids in- which, granted, is an unusual occurrence, he can't hear at normal decibels. If he does have them in- a regular occurrence- he still has trouble hearing certain tones/sounds. We just...
  4. Penelope

    The challenge - exclamation mark maintenance

    And while we're at it, can we offer a challenge to the multiple question mark users? Please.Stop.Using.Multiple.Question.Marks. It's annoying. And border line rude- Thank you.
  5. Penelope

    Robin Williams

    From Mike Rowe: When I heard about Robin yesterday, my first feeling was shock. Then, a kind of sadness, too shallow to call grief, but to too real to ignore.
  6. Penelope

    Southuhn tawk

    On the side of the road was a sign for 'camp far wood' or, as we Yankees say, 'campfire wood' :)
  7. Penelope

    Grumble, grumble

    Sounds like GERD- my daughter was diagnosed with it a few years ago. Not so much the 'what' that you are eating, but the 'how' that your body is processing it. Too much of a production of the acid in her stomach. It wasn't all the food all the time. It wasn't always the same food all the time...
  8. Penelope

    Hurricane Arthur

    I just spit sweet tea on my monitor :)
  9. Penelope

    There's No Sense To It

    My MIL's favorite saying is "WE don't like..."
  10. Penelope

    Last Minute Changes

    "Any changes or cancellations to this reservation...."
  11. Penelope

    Honesty or not?

    I can't stand lying. I can't stand being lied to. I worked in a very toxic environment where lying was such a manner of lifestyle that one couldn't tell lie from truth. Even to this day I always take into consideration the exaggeration of numbers, details, or circumstances and know the truth is...
  12. Penelope


    Oh pancakes. Once you have a base mix you can do anything with them! A favorite at the inn was pear ginger. Add a little ginger to the mix and put some chopped pears on top while cooking. Serve with a brandied maple syrup Another good one was blueberry with lemon zest in the pancakes I like to...
  13. Penelope

    Yarmouth Nova Scotia

    Yes, report back to us and let us all know!