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    Innkeeper Sayings

    The best way to get a late guest to show up is to put something in the oven.
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    Single Cup Coffee Makers (Like Keurig)

    Well, if you really want doughnuts...the reason I ended up getting the extra pans (I think I started with one...) was that one batch of batter makes a dozen doughnuts. If I wanted more than one flavor, I ended up with a lot of doughnuts. And, IME, frozen & thawed, they aren't the same. I haven't...
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    Single Cup Coffee Makers (Like Keurig)

    re doughnuts - JB, I have four of these (four will fit in my oven at once, voila, two dozen doughnuts). Cake doughnuts are NOT raised doughtnuts, no argument here, but it's the creativity factor that you can grasp - the biggest hits were my rosemary-strawberry doughnuts with lemon glaze. No one...
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    Single Cup Coffee Makers (Like Keurig)

    JB, I generally buy the cups from Amazon, who will list them for me with the cost per cup (I won't pay more than 50 cents per). On occasion, we have guests who use a lot, but not that often. I also have guests who tell me at breakfast they'd just rather have it brewed from the pot (sharing with...
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    Guests with dietary restrictions and snacks.

    I'm probably too late here, but wouldn't it be just as easy to put a pint of sorbet in the fridge as a pint of ice cream? Just a thought. Dairy is easy to avoid...except for cookies. I haven't found a dairy free cookie I'm happy about yet (IMO, margarine just doesn't cut it with cookies)...
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    Taking deposits

    :) We don't have a cc machine, we process through our computer. I "print" the receipts as a pdf. and "file" until checkin, when I print 2 copies - one for them, one for our files. The cc number doesn't show (buncha xxxx's, just last 4 digits), so it's not on my machine.
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    Things that wasted your time or need to change

    Well, we already did one. Went from four rooms to three. We never once rented out all four at the same time, although the two cheaper rooms had equal bookings. We rethought the furniture and layouts, rearranged, and now we have an office (a real space to do paper/computer work in, instead of...
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    Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey

    That stuff is incredible...quite possibly the most delicious stuff I've ever tasted, and I'm much more of a coffee than candy type gal. Sweet, but rich and with a crazy depth and complexity...And you're right. I'm sure if I set it out (after raising rates to cover the cost!), the guests would...
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    Google+ Launches Pages for Businesses

    I actually think G+ has enormous potential, and I'm watching to see how it evolves. However, I peeked a bit around about the Business Pages, and pretty much just decided it can wait.
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    Online Webinar

    Okay, I've done A BUNCH of them. PAII, BnB dot com...Merchant Circle... YMMV. Period. The PAII ones were very good when we were aspiring/first starting. The BnB dot com ones seemed better...but they repeat after a while. Merchant Circle...not my go-to resource. BUT - theirs are kept on YouTube...
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    Christmas Gift Idea

    Most of the items left behind here...I don't think they'd be well received <wrinkles nose>
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    Coffee for the road

    Exactly. A cup of joe from the Keurig is no big deal (actually, I have a huge coffee jones, so the idea of any coffee going to waste here is a joke), but the cups...I'd need to purchase enough to bring the price per significantly down, then I'd need a place to store them where the guests might...
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    LOUD guests

    I get that, but in the end, I have to ask myself, "Which group do I want to come back?"
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    Well, because I am NOT a hotel (and durn it, I wish I could get people to understand that). Now, early check-in isn't always available. Period. Book earlier (or elsewhere) next time. And I charge for those who book early check in....and don't show up early. Seriously. If it's available, I'm...
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    Kangaroo Weblogs. DUH!

    Uh oh, AR, I was the one who emailed JB. BIG Firefly fans here..we just finished our annual/semiannual viewing of the seires (waiting for the weekend to watch the movie...). The names are soooo important, oh, well, at least a lot of fun. I felt pretty silly (but very amused) when JB explained...
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    Do you receive emails or solicitations from your guests after the fact?

    Hm...we've gotten the saucy emails forwarded to everyone in their address book... But we got an outright solicitation from a guest who deals in what you call it. Distribution? Anyway, the rate is WAY better than what we're currently getting. Now, to get finished with this...
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    Cardio Guest Room

    :( I have learned that the stompers (what I call them) turn out to be PITAS. There is a guest room directly above our bedroom, and it always amazes me how some guests can be there and you would never know, and other guests can be in there and it sounds as if they all morphed into sumo wrestlers...
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    Business Idea: clearing house for locals who offer rooms to rent

    I am certain our particular insurance carrier would take issues with that. :-/ YMMV, but you may want to check with your agent...
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    Facebook Changes that will impact your Blog Feeds to FB, Reveiws and Customized Landing Pages

    Hmmmm....It's so durn confusing. I send Twitter updates from a couple FB pages I have set up...yet FB won't let me set up the app for our community library page...on which I am also an admin...Makes my head hurt some days.
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    Awesome Day!!

    :) Beautiful. MANY happy returns!