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  1. Banana

    How do you treat Sunday nights?

    In that situation, I would charge Sunday as a weekend. It IS a weekend day, after all.
  2. Banana

    8 Attitudes That Make for a Bad Impression

    "Fake it til ya make it"
  3. Banana

    TA Door stickers

    Yes, it's a hideous size. Not appropriate.
  4. Banana

    I'm Exhausted!

    Perfect here on the Gulf Coast also, PT. Glad your guests turned out well...we all do usually worry for nothing.
  5. Banana

    What kind of coffee filter do you use in your coffee maker?

    And when you dump the grounds out of the mesh filter, they are easier to save for outdoor plant fertilizer :)
  6. Banana

    It's that time of year

    I am LOVIN this Maine weather! Yippee! Don't wanna go back to Texas! Had to buy another sweatshirt today, but who cares! The sky is beautiful, the air is crisp and clean, and I'm not dealing with guests. Life is grand!
  7. Banana

    Personal Hygene

    I don't think I could ever bring myself to say something to them. Are you in a location where you can leave the windows open, and place a fan in the room, blowing the stench out the window? Also, an small ionizer (the wall plug type) would help immensely, although they are a little spendy. I...
  8. Banana

    An old chestnut...the gift certificate from out of the very distant past

    Totally agree with CatLady. That's insane. I usually measure my response to outrageous requests like this "Would I ever do such a thing? Okay, maybe that's biased. Would my Mother? Would anyone that I associate with do/say something like that?" Usually the answer is no, and that's my...
  9. Banana

    Obsessed about credit card info

    This was the case with my three no shows. I always check the card number to ensure it's validity. Just because it's valid doesn't mean the funds are there. With the authorization for the full amount, I ensure I'll get my money. Interest? What is that? I haven't seen more than 2% interest...
  10. Banana

    Obsessed about credit card info

    I haven't had any major problems since I started the authorization procedure after my three no shows/no good card debacle in July. However, I don't authorize it until 6 days prior to the arrival of their stay (I have a seven day cancellation policy). So if you are willing to wait that late (if...
  11. Banana

    The One-Guest Policy

    I am 120 years old - please hold me while closing gently (on the front door that is four feet wide, very, very heavy, half glass, and has the orginal hardware - it closes very easily slam! slam! slam!)
  12. Banana

    If you take pets...

    Good Grief...I'm so sorry. I hope they take the time to acknowledge your hard work.
  13. Banana

    If you take pets...

    Agreed. If you take an extra cleaning deposit (versus just a damage deposit), then I might reconsider.
  14. Banana

    Hi...and thanks

    Hijacking the thread here, but what years were you there? Yes, the second bridge is beautiful and certainly alleviated a lot of traffic problems. I was there from 89 to 04, worked for the sheriff's dept. Busy work...
  15. Banana

    Hi...and thanks

    I lived in Tacoma for 15 years, not as an innkeeper though. Love the NW, just hated the clouds and rain. No place as beautiful as the Puget Sound area, IMHO.
  16. Banana

    Keep tacking 'em on...

    Um...they're not coming, right? cream. That sounds good!
  17. Banana


    Just had a call from a woman who's first question was "I see your B&B was built in 1887. Has it been renovated since then?" I thought she was trying to be funny, so I giggled. She said nothing. I said "Oh, you are serious? Ok, well then,'s been renovated several times in the last...
  18. Banana

    How's the weather?

    Exactly! Ask them how people feel who lost their boats because they didn't "think it would be that bad"!
  19. Banana

    adding a bathroom and a fireplace

    Oh my gosh, yes! Congratulations! Not only will that bathroom pay for itself in a matter of months, the stress that you probably had worrying about guests sharing a bath will be gone! That's worth the money right there!