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    We raised prices 20% at start of year because of demand and raised up weekends even more, all the big hotels in town have increased so much, it more than covers any inflation. And booking better than last year.... Looking at our costs, RE taxes are same, interest rates same, cleaners we pay...
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    On the other hand, some guests get it.

    Why wouldnt you check in on the room during the stay? Not coming to breakfast always makes me a bit suspicious whats happening in the room...
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    A ferret? Really? And with Air, I don't have a CC number.

    We do the exact same thing with info requests, and usually get it but not always. We never had an issue with Air guests and in fact we like them a lot more than booking or expedia bookings, much better communications.... though we are under 10% of total for OTA bookings.... I would have...
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    Mattress Questions

    We have a corporate acct with Mattress Firm, they usually attend the ALP/predecessor events.... We have bought 5 sets last 2-3 years and guests love them. They are called Pressure Smart plush mattress... not pillow top but soft-ish.... The prices are quite good compared to retail.... The only...
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    Reservation Software

    We are ultra happy with Think reservations, intuitive/easy to use, great support, reporting, great channel manager if you want to use OTA's. They have significant market share and keep improving the product. And reasonably priced, monthly cost is a fraction of the cost of one nights stay, based...
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    Pursuing a B&B

    Both of the above make excellent points. You really need to look at each property uniquely and they will have their own cost and price and occupancy structure. For example where we live (Annapolis MD) we are high RE cost and property taxes but very high ADR. So even our 6 room place could very...
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    Do you write your own blog and do your own social media?

    Hi , Yes, we are in Annapolis but know the eastern shore of MD pretty well. We use Acorn but they encourage you to write your own content and do a lot of webcasts on how to blog, do social etc etc... really great. It sure sounds like IO is trying to strongarm you, I hope you at least own your...
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    Do you write your own blog and do your own social media?

    No one can represent our brand voice better than us and no one knows the area like us. I think it would take longer to explain topics and clean up wrong wording than to do it ourselves.... you can almost always tell the ghost written blogs and articles by a non local.... give it a try you will...
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    Back to Daily Cleaning? Neatening? Yea or Nay?

    We offer either, if they don't respond to our text msg (most dont), we do it... at the higher prices we charge, we think it's a guest expectation.... only takes a few minutes anyway
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    Budget Friendly Bedsheets

    they caught up on shipping issues, we got some blankets fast this week. Thats a good add on - we buy pillows and blankets also...
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    Budget Friendly Bedsheets

    yes.... they will do corporate account, you pay half of retail...
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    Budget Friendly Bedsheets

    We use Comphy. Super durable and stains come out pretty easy
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    Selling part B.

    Good comments Scott. In our town, when we bought 4 years ago, there were maybe 6-7 B&B's, in 1999 there were 20. Now we are practically the last one standing and the remaining 2-3 small "room at a time" places price as a luxury stay and one place has rooms over a diner.... Many that fell by...
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    Dumb Question: Broker Commissions

    Good questions - The upfront $ is for "marketing assessment" to determine the value - uhh I can run the numbers myself and I know the standard valuation methods and also for marketing.... and the exclusive listing is for all other B&B brokers, sort of like multiple list in a residential...
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    Dumb Question: Broker Commissions

    We are shopping our place to brokers, at the ALP show last week I asked what is the commission if I were to give an exclusive listing... it ranges 4.5 to 5%, they do want some amount (non refundable!) up front... we are offering buyer agent co pay for more than 1/2 of that so hopefully we got...
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    Dealing with Fraudulent Bookings

    It strikes me odd that the card was rejected not at initial booking but much later closer to check in, our credit card processor always rejects at time of booking. We then email/call the people and ask them to fix. If number is non sensical we know it's fraud. Sometimes it's a mistype by the...
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    Just Set 2022 Rates - A Few Thoughts

    Good for you - Every time I get a reservation I check what the prices were in the area so I can see what the person who booked was likely seeing... And sometimes I increase, usually stay the same, but it gives me intel on what is likely inn the mind of the shopper. I also do this in real time...
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    Just Set 2022 Rates - A Few Thoughts

    We set rates based on the market, not our costs.... I have standard weekday (M-W) and weekend (Th-Su) but when I see the rates from the 5 large hotels within 1.5 mi of me jacking prices to the sky on weekends, I raised weekends more but usually not to the level of the chain hotels. It looks...
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    The year 2021

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    Can you use Almond milk same as sour milk?

    When we want to make a recipe DF that calls for buttermilk, we use 1 tsp apple cider vinegar in soy milk. Almond milk can work, but it's so water-y it doesnt have same consistency.... and yes, almost always use at least 1/4 tsp baking soda per cup of buttermilk (more for denser flours like corn...