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  1. Aussie Innkeeper


    After almost 3 years of being on the market, our inn had finally sold! New innkeepers will be taking over on September 7th. Their inspector is here today and here's hoping they don't find anything major. Their contract only asked us to remedy anything that was 'big' (over $10k). Fingers crossed...
  2. Aussie Innkeeper

    Setting the Pillows on the Bed

    DH travels extensively for work (well, pre-covid anyway) and encounters these in practically all the hotels he stays at in the Eastern US. He loathes these pillows. Says they're not big enough and his head is always falling off.
  3. Aussie Innkeeper

    Rude? Thoughtless? Or not about me?

    that doesn't mean she's a good one. ;)
  4. Aussie Innkeeper

    Hi Inn Owners!

    Your list of states you're looking at leaves out PA. There are A LOT of B&B's for sale here in Lancaster County (where we get 8.5 Million tourists per year). My inn happens to be one of them. Oh, and I agree that Marilyn Bushnell is the best!
  5. Aussie Innkeeper

    Howdy, hosts

    hi there! It just so happens that my inn is for sale! Take a look
  6. Aussie Innkeeper

    My place is for sale

    We're still hanging in there. We've gotten SO CLOSE a few different times, but for various reasons, the deal fell through. One couple visited 3 different times over the course of a week or so, and brought 8 different people through the place. Then the woman's mom, who lives with them and was...
  7. Aussie Innkeeper

    Lancaster, PA 5-suite Inn for Sale
  8. Aussie Innkeeper

    My place is for sale

    Still for sale...
  9. Aussie Innkeeper

    Last minute Larry

    Your failure to plan does not, for me, an emergency make.
  10. Aussie Innkeeper

    My place is for sale

    "PA kind of people"? Not sure what that is supposed to mean. You don't like the weather? Fair enough. I'll admit the liquor laws need to be brought into the 21st century. Taxes can be a factor, but, hey, at least we're not NJ. LOL
  11. Aussie Innkeeper

    My place is for sale

    We've been on the market just over a year now. Have had several showings, a few 2nd showings and even 3rd. People seem to love our place, but for whatever reason, it's just not 'right' for them, or the timing doesn't work. We are still hopeful. If anyone out there is looking for a flexible...
  12. Aussie Innkeeper

    Looking for Unique Property - Wanna Sell Yours?

    My inn is for sale. No mountains and only 5 guest rooms, but it fits your other criteria. Here's the listing.
  13. Aussie Innkeeper

    Serious about changing careers

    This one might fit your needs
  14. Aussie Innkeeper

    New owner of bnbfinder

    Very skeptical about this!
  15. Aussie Innkeeper

    Lancaster B&B for sale

    Thank you! We did have two showings so far. One couple told us that although it was nice, it wasn't what they were looking for. The other couple still has us 'on the list' of potential places. They had seen several others and were not only impressed with the size and flexibility of ours, but...
  16. Aussie Innkeeper

    Lancaster B&B for sale

    Successful, competitively priced, spacious & private owners' quarters, in-law apartment, very flexible space. Truly turn key. Natural gas boiler only 3 years old. water-proofed basement space. Wine cellar.
  17. Aussie Innkeeper

    TA Rating Calculations

    UGH! I'm down to #7 (out of 22) for no reason that I can figure out whatsoever. I've had reviews (all 5-star) and competitors have not. I moved down, they moved up. I've been as high as #3. There's an inn that's been #1 for YEARS and I swear they're paying their guests for reviews. It just...
  18. Aussie Innkeeper

    Why I don't go out for breakfast...

    Did you call the restaurant? What did they say? Perhaps others served the same on the same day are also ill???
  19. Aussie Innkeeper

    Innkeepers staying at other B&Bs

    would never make a rez at a B&B with no online booking system.