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  1. wendydk

    The author was actually happy with this...Breakfast in Bed

    Goodbye all, and good luck.
  2. wendydk

    The author was actually happy with this...Breakfast in Bed

    (sigh) That's what I've been trying to say. The comparisons between this and the bnb4vets program pertained to the grassroots aspects of each.
  3. wendydk

    An "Upgrade" Not Appreciated

    In my days as hotel manager (at a beachfront resort), upgrading people to the first floor from an upper floor (even unexpectedly and not by request) was always a happy day for the guest. Most people requested first floor rooms, and had to settle for the upper floor balcony room when the first...
  4. wendydk

    The author was actually happy with this...Breakfast in Bed

    My point exactly...would the bnb4vets thing been as big as it was without innkeepers blogging and giving interviews, sending press releases about it na encouraging each other to join in? Maybe, but maybe not. THIS program is something that can benefit EVERYONE in the industry, all the better...
  5. wendydk

    Inn the news Dec 8, 2010

    Oh come on CH, I was not exactly serious about being jealous, considering I was in the middle of the sale of the Inn and STILL sent emails out to our county group and to all my MIG members encouraging them to join the show. K. certainly deserves some business out of this, not just the...
  6. wendydk

    The author was actually happy with this...Breakfast in Bed

    I am not/was not a PAII member, and although I have heard the name of the campaign, I'm not familiar with the particulars, and so I know many many other innkeepers are not either. That's how change happens, not as the result of one organization and it's members alone. It's certainly not going...
  7. wendydk

    Why they'll hire you

    As a guest, I want to know who I will encounter while I'm there...furthermore, I want to know if those I will encounter are the owners, or paid 'keepers.
  8. wendydk

    Choose your path

    That's they way I always operated. How the heck do you know if something works until you try it?????? And there is always benefit to being one of the first.......
  9. wendydk

    Inn the news Dec 8, 2010

    EXACTLY! No offense, Kathleen, but I saw your name along with your Inn and town name in the press everyday due to the bnb4vets thing, and was jealous, as no doubt these others were!! Can't blame them for grasping at some way to keep the exposure going.
  10. wendydk

    The author was actually happy with this...Breakfast in Bed

    What better investment in our time? THAT should be a goal for 2011. Each of us should promise to write a press release (at least for a local paper) extolling the virtues and values of B&B, as well as comment online to at least one story like this one. Just imagine the change in perceptions...
  11. wendydk

    Bacon--Fry, Bake, Microwave or Grill?

    That's what we did too, altho David also dredged in flour (and sometimes a little brown sugar) before baking and peppering. It was called "West Virginia Baked Bacon", altho I don't know why exactly. Guests raved about it, and there was no unusual mess in the prep or cooking. Since nearly all...
  12. wendydk

    Title changed - I'm still dumbfounded tho

    Oh yes, God forbid.
  13. wendydk

    Title changed - I'm still dumbfounded tho

    I hope these struggling innkeepers find a way to make it work. ETA: Easy for those of us who run small Inns to criticize, K. If your Inn or mine had failed, we would not be facing the same circumstances, nor were our Inns anything like the Castle, a 11,000 square foot, 25 room monstrosity...
  14. wendydk

    I think I've hit the wall early!

    Awww. your first time! Could have been worse, my first time was this last summer, and I ended up walking a guest to another B&B nearby for one night of their stay. It does make you pay closer attention, tho, don't it??!!
  15. wendydk

    Facebook Question

    It is good, I just wanted to see who shared it, or how it all came about...since it really attracted alot of attention to the blog.
  16. wendydk

    Facebook Question

    As a Facebook newbie, I have a question for you veterans. On my Michigan Inn Guide Blog, opentracker has logged several dozen click throughs in the last two days to a blog story I posted 11/28 about the snow Michigan is expecting this year according to the Farmers Alm. Now, the click throughs...
  17. wendydk

    Trip Advisor Business Listing for 2011

    If I were still at the Inn, I wouldn't. Last I knew, there were only a couple dozen click throughs and NO reservations that came from their site.
  18. wendydk

    End of year, are Directories making the grade?

    Had the stats for all three of my sites all on one opentracker account (for cost-effectiveness). They are in the process of breaking the Inn away from my account.
  19. wendydk

    End of year, are Directories making the grade?

    Sold the Inn two months ago, and no longer have access to to get their stats, but my tracking program shows the difference between 2009 and 2010 for both and bbonline. 2010 YTD individual visitors to our website = 1432 from and 347 from bbonline 2009 numbers for same period...
  20. wendydk

    Main Street Host

    Almost exactly a year ago that I was grousing about them Was getting to the point that I was screaming at them not to call me any more. Finally I got smart and blocked the number...never heard from them again.