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  1. Renee V

    Ireland B&B's?

    Thanks, I am a little nervous going and not having any accommodations booked, but from everything I have read, there are a lot of B&B's and the locals are more than happy to point you in the right direction. We plan on trying to have dinner in a pub each night and then to stay the night in that...
  2. Renee V

    Soap Making

    I have been making my own soap for over 10 years, I usually just do it for Christmas gifts but have started to sell it. It is a lot of fun to do, the best part is deciding what type you are going to make, my favorite is a coffee exfoliant with essential oils of clove and orange. This is the...
  3. Renee V

    Ireland B&B's?

    I am going on a trip to Ireland next month and was wondering if anyone here knew of any good B&B's to stay at. I will have 3 adults and need to find something not too expensive. I will be touring along the coastline for 8 days, trying to see as much as I can of the counties. I have found a...
  4. Renee V

    sick to my stomach

    I think that people are just so used to the big hotel chains that they think everyone has the same policy. We charge the first night stay as the deposit, or if they are staying a week, half the total. It usually works out pretty well, we only have problems with the last minute credit card holds...
  5. Renee V

    Any Advice?

    I do not have experience with your condition, but I have had my right hand out of commission and at first it does seem scary when you realize just how much you do with your primary hand, but it really is amazing how quick you adjust to it, and start using your left hand all the time. You will be...
  6. Renee V

    My website

    Thanks B. Diva, those are good points and things that I was actually thinking about changing. The first picture on the home page isn't one of the cottages, but our office. The plaque on the wall is a bit shadowed by the trees, so it is kind of hard to read in the picture, I either need to go out...
  7. Renee V

    Guest car accident in parking lot

    I'm not sure of the stats but in NY state, people do seem to be 'sue happy'. Our business has been sued, and it was so ridiculous. Some parents left their boy to play at the waterfront unsupervised and he decided to take a flying leap from our docks to our neighbors and from there jump to a half...
  8. Renee V

    Featherbed recommendation?

    I have a memory foam topper that me and my husband really like. He is allergic to feathers and when we have to use a feather pillow, it kills him. I'm thinking a whole feather bed would be pretty awful for him ;)
  9. Renee V


    I only lurked for about one day to get some advise on tough laundry stains, but I am now a full fledged member and commenting away in all sorts of forum topics...very nice site :D
  10. Renee V

    My website

    MTL, I couldn't open your website on my browser, maybe it only works on IE? It sounds like good advice coming from the others; it's nice to see everyones comments and honest critiques. Although it does make me a bit nervous about our website that I redesigned last fall. I have heard nothing but...
  11. Renee V


    We seem to have an abundance of spiders, bees, and ants this season, even though we have our bug lady come and spray every spring. I guess the bugs are getting more resilient to it :/
  12. Renee V

    Egg Substitute

    -just to chime in on the topic here- you can also use half a mashed banana or 1/4 cup applesauce in place of an egg for baked goods. And as for making special foods and having to freeze them or waste them, why not just serve them to all the guests at the table? I've had all kinds of vegan...
  13. Renee V

    When guests don't like the innkeeper

    I have met very friendly inn keepers at my stays in B&B's but sometimes too friendly. At one place I wasn't able to nicely leave until after 11 am each day. When you are on a time budget and in a new area and have a lot to see and do, it can really be a nuisence to have someone constantly asking...
  14. Renee V

    Detecting a stain

    Our cleaning staff just started to use clothespins on stains and they are a saviour to me when I am in the cramped laundry room without enough room to hardly open a sheet or blanket. They used to tie knots, but then it takes time to untie and even then if the stain is tiny, hard to find. Putting...
  15. Renee V

    Goop is great stuff

    We have used 'Goop' here for quite some time to remove stubborn stains on our white towels that bleach can not. And it does not smell that strong, you never notice it after it has been washed, and we just throw it in the machine with it on there. It does work very well with make up.
  16. Renee V

    Roasting Coffee

    I have an espresso machine, and I have tried using all types of coffee, but I find that if I buy fresh roasted coffee (within a day or two of roasting) and then freeze the beans, they keep their full flavor and pull shots of espresso better than anything. Freezing the beans keeps their natural...