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    Lawn Tonic to turn grass green again

    If you have watering restrictions..........nothing will work......not long term watering is an issue.....Green marking paint is the only solution.
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    LLC, Inc. Ltd...just do it!

    Reason why I am Incorporated (S corp) My personal liabilities are less.... From "ehow"; [/h2] The liability of a corporate shareholder is typically limited to the amount that he/she invested, but an LLC member may be held liable for more in some cases. Read more: Differences Between...
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    tax category question

    Where I am concerned when landscaping is sales taxed or not. NY State... replacing a shrub here or there is "not" a capitol improvement and is sales entire side of a building. Or, the entire left or right side of a front is replanted...that is a capitol improvement. It is not sales...
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    Naive person wondering - Why are you anonymous?

    A little known truth many may be over looking... When you tell your war out yourself......not internet at large, but to the few that are involved with said war story Case in point.......the below story of having to evict 2 guests.....those in the story are involved. Nothing...
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    Regrets of the dying

    Been laying low......saving $ setting my sights towards a larger inn......I'm working on someone who wants a restaurant to partner with. Still don't know what to do with my parents.....both strongly hanging on.
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    Addressed to Mr, Mrs, .........2 person invite To Mr, or Ms - Miss and guest.........2 person invite Mr and Mrs and family...........2+ person invite "Smith" family....................2+ person invite Mr - Ms - Miss or Mrs (single)..................1 person invite
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    Regrets of the dying

    it's hard enough going through life with no regrets.......never mind at the end of life, having no regrets. It's rare coming across a truly happy person. I often think they may actualy know something....Truth is.....they don't. It's all about how one deals with the events of a day. Each has the...
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    For those who hate weeding

    Cute toy. What about weeds that are not a tap root ?
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    What types of souvenirs do you collect when you travel?

    The souvenirs is not what is is the way it was this story. When in High School my parents took me on a 7 country tour of Europe.. Second day, France. Parents had me sit for a portrait. OK, to leave that in luggage till returning home ? Didn't...
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    Flat screen TV question

    If the tv is placed to high. It will need to be tilted down for best viewing. Otherwise what you get is the same darkening effect when trying to watch from to wide of a side view.
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    2011 Season is nearly over - let us count the ways...

    This past summer had an account bounce a check.....was told to redeposit when she handed me another months invoice payment check......those 2 bounced......same check and another bounced. She behaved without a care in the world. 3 weeks later I caught her and the husband moving
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    Who does this?

    we're losing our common sense...... I have noticed this progress over the last 40 years What bothers me mostly in the last 15 years or so. The "Who cares" attitude...and "Not my fault"
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    2011 Season is nearly over - let us count the ways...

    Do you think that it's not necessarily more PITA's or demanding guests...just that you have highlighted them more ?........more aware of them ?........or they're just getting under your skin more ? I say it every season myself....this year people were this or that.....when I get to the end of my...
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    The Ultimate Guide for B&B owners and innkeepers

    I may run and scream........maybe just scream. I aint no little girl :)
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    The Ultimate Guide for B&B owners and innkeepers

    Not sure I would get more from the "ebook"........that I don't get here at Innspiring ? Everything I could ever want to know regarding the B&B industry is right here
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    Managing Unemployment Premiums in a Time of Joblessness

    many have stated "No time to reply" Send in the paper work.....even though unemployment may start the process of approving the claim, some instances issuing checks. You can have the claim denied, charges against your account stopped. You can pressure them to credit the charges back to your...
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    PAII Launches Inns for Sale website

    Makes sense PAII should have a broker on staff as well
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    Managing Unemployment Premiums in a Time of Joblessness

    I had an employee that quit..........year and a half later. I receive notice he is collecting against my account. I was told that he did not have to come back to work, due to hostile environment........yeah, ok.......I pressed the labor department and a few months later he was removed. Fired a...
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    Managing Unemployment Premiums in a Time of Joblessness

    I know this game all to well.....
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    BC Gay Couple Barred from B&B Gets Rights Tribunal Hearing

    Just a thought....... Who is protecting the business owners rights ? Some establishments.....No shirts, No shoes, No service And recently there was a restuarant in the news that no longer allows children.