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    SuperInn update

    I have the old Superinn still and it does not work well on the iPad. The area where you input credit cards is not large enough on the screen and hard to deal with. Was hoping the new version would work better on a iPad or tablet.
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    SuperInn update

    Does anyone know if the new Superinn works on an iPad? I'd like to take reservations on an iPad and do anyway with lap top.
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    Stealing or guests to take?

    That is terrible! Those small bottles are meant to be taken home especially if they have the inn's logo or name on them. It it was way for guests to remember their trips. There is nothing wrong with refilling the bottles that are left behind and that is actually good for the environment but...
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    Sampling program

    What have you got to loose if you try it? If you don't like the samples donate them to a homeless shelter.
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    What do B&B Innkeepers do for vacation?

    Close….can't trust anyone either….looking forward to a 15 day cruise this coming winter.
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    TA new regulations

    What do you mean locked out? Not able to respond to reviews?
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    After 3 nights...

    I have one room with a kitchenette and if the guests used the dishes I take them all to my main kitchen and run through the dishwasher just to be safe. Sometimes the guests wash them but they do not get them clean enough or there are smudges.
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    Collection agency

    I get a lot of Travel Agents booking rooms with me…many in the United States but the bulk of them are from Germany and England. Those guests want everything set up by a travel agent in advance. I do not pay commission to any of them and I tell them that up front.
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    What Was...

    baked grapefruit, peach stuffed french toast, bacon, fruit smoothie, fresh fruit bowl, coffee and tea.
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    Fresh flowers anyone?

    I pick flowers from my yard and put them in small vases.
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    Select Registry

    It looks like a small 3-room inn may be able to join Select Registry according to their application. Collections Type (please one): B&B Collection: Each property in the Select Registry Bed and Breakfast Collection is smaller, resembles a private home, and typically offers 3 to 15 rooms. At the...
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    Select Registry

    Same thing happened to me too.
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    New Credit Card Machine

    I have been using Square for about three years now. I have never had a problem with it so far. Have not had a charge back in 10 years so I don't know how that would work. I did just receive my new plug in chip reader last month. It is working great. It also accepts magnetic strip cards if I...
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    AIHP has elected a Board

    Is anyone even in PAII anymore or are they all moving over to AIHP? What are the advantages of belonging to one or the other or both?
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    innkeepers quarters

    I have a nice set up. Four guests rooms and living room/breakfast area for guests. The kitchen has a door with a lock that I am able to close off from the rest of the house and through the kitchen is my personal living room, then bedroom, bathroom, laundry and storage…it also has a door the...
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    Travel Writer II

    I would pass on that offer in your busy season. That is a lot of ask of a B & B.
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    Mattress Encasement Recommendations

    I use the same Innstyle bed bug encasements too. They fit over my pillow top mattresses. I would recommend Innstyle…they are a great company to work with.
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    Midnight ramblers - what would you have done?

    In my experience "local" guests are more problem than they are worth. Usually always a one night stay and use up all the amenities and take forever to check out. I much prefer guests from far away.
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    What does it mean when a guest leaves a coin on the side table?

    I'm glad this thread was brought up again. This always puzzles me when people leave a single penny. I still am not sure if I did something right or wrong when that happens.
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    I sent my money in too….looking forward to seeing what happens with this association.