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  1. GeorgiaGirl

    This happens once every 823 years

    Just a fyi:
  2. GeorgiaGirl

    animal friend pics, just for fun

    SO sweet! We used to have an orange kitty too (Yum Yum) that looked exactly like this one! She was the best cat but sadly she died a couple years ago :(
  3. GeorgiaGirl

    Orange Julius

    Yum! Thanks for that recipe, can't wait to try it out!
  4. GeorgiaGirl

    Marble is HARD!!!

    OH no! Glad you're not hurt seriously!
  5. GeorgiaGirl

    my completed pond

    This is gorgeous!
  6. GeorgiaGirl

    Eagle has landed

    YAY! Glad you made it safe! Have fun with your family and yes, please take lots of pictures!
  7. GeorgiaGirl

    Trip Advisor Top 10 B&Bs

    I stayed at #10. It looks like this place has new owners since we stayed. It was listed for 1.2 million!
  8. GeorgiaGirl

    Thank you all Arcady won an award!!

    No problem! I'm not positive when they are going but I 'think' it will be during the week. I hope they are close to you and take advantage of your tours! They are great people.
  9. GeorgiaGirl

    Thank you all Arcady won an award!!

    Riki, I just wanted to let you know I just passed along your wine tour link to my Sister in Law. I know they are going to be somewhere close to you in July for their anniversary. I also sent your B&B link just in case they were interested in changing their plans. Congrats on the award(s)...
  10. GeorgiaGirl

    Anniversary Photo

    Very nice....but where's the pudding LOL! Congrats on those 36 years!
  11. GeorgiaGirl

    Your Good Thought & Prayers

    Hugs to you and your Mom! Praying for speedy recovery for her!
  12. GeorgiaGirl

    Review That Bugs My .....

    I also reported it and asked that it be removed
  13. GeorgiaGirl

    More Facebook Changes

    Hey, BD, thanks for that info! I've changed mine and also posted it to my wall so hopefully this will begin to help others!
  14. GeorgiaGirl

    Has anyone placed Facebook ads and did they work?

    Are those the ads that I see on the right hand side of the page?? Personally I've been very leary about clicking on those, I'm afraid I will get a virus.