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  1. Don Draper

    1st Time in 8 Years I've locked the linen closet

    When we had our dog we prominently displayed her on the website, FB, etc. It's only anecdotal but I believe we gained a fair amount more reservations than we lost because we had her!
  2. Don Draper

    Lactose Intolerant

    We have a little note on our policies page that says if you have dietary needs it is very helpful if you tell us what you CAN eat in addition to what you CANNOT eat. The lactose allergy/intolerance is very variable, some can handle cheddar cheese (because of the way it's processed) and if it's...
  3. Don Draper

    One day at a time

    This made me smile. We had an awesome weekend with wonderful guests, it was much needed. Off season here we come...
  4. Don Draper

    Coffee Stains on Carpet

    Bet he hates Matthew Weiner for creating Mad Men!
  5. Don Draper

    Today is a good day

    Today is shaping up to be wonderful after a horrid Full Moon Weekend/Week these past 6 days. Lovely guests, sunny and crisp weather...going to go stomp some leaves with the dog
  6. Don Draper

    Ahhhh I can breath again!

    Thank you for saying this. Also our busiest month and I'm feeling the same, which is not my normal personality at all. And this full moon weekend was a doozy, guests self checked themselves in to the wrong room, random major plumbing incident with another couple...I feel like I am ready to...
  7. Don Draper

    Should have known...

    This happened to us, we couldn't contact them/they wouldn't answer the phone. We called the local police and filed a report. Doesn't do anything for you monetarily, but it gets a paper trail started in case this is a chronic thing.
  8. Don Draper

    Stinky guests!

    Had to log in just to say BOO! to that stinky review. Knowing you and all the effort/care/love you put into everything, that really cheesed me off! I'm sorry you had to get it, but your response is truly priceless.
  9. Don Draper

    Anyone experience this with a chargeback?

    Hi BD! I remember your case, I am so glad to hear that you won!!! And totally agree, if this were some package or something else I was out a ton of $$ on I would fight it, and I'm glad to know that is what the ruling would be based on, what the guest agreed to. I've decided to look at it this...
  10. Don Draper

    VISA Guide for Hospitality Merchants

    Unfortunately this is the stark reality of the whole situation. I wish I could afford not to take cc's, but it's just not practical with our occupancy and level of competition in this area, we'd lose for sure.
  11. Don Draper

    October Revenue

    Sandy took a nice chunk out of our October, but most of those folks moved to this week so November will be better than usual. Even Steven
  12. Don Draper

    VISA Guide for Hospitality Merchants

    That was what I asked our processor "When was I informed of these policies that I am supposed to abide by?" She didn't have an answer. It just stings because it's like playing with a stacked deck, and never knew. And the way it is written, my cancellation policy DOES comply with their rules...
  13. Don Draper

    Anyone experience this with a chargeback?

    The dispute center through our cc processor was very helpful, esp considering how IRATE I was! It basically comes down to the Visa/MC/Disc/Amex policies. And even though I have my policies spelled out precisely, she told me it was too long, it all has to be on "one page". Well, it IS on one...
  14. Don Draper

    VISA Guide for Hospitality Merchants

    This maybe should go in as a resource, I'm sure MD/Disc/Amex each have their own too.
  15. Don Draper

    Anyone experience this with a chargeback?

    Well I just had my mind blown. In speaking with the chargeback specialist I learned that no matter what policies you have in effect or what the guest may have agreed to, Visa allows guests to cancel with 72 hours notice if they booked more than 72 hours in advance, and if they booked less than...
  16. Don Draper

    Anyone experience this with a chargeback?

    Dealing with a very straight forward situation here. Guest booked, then canceled with less than the required notice to receive return of her deposit. In addition to the "checked box" of our policies when she made the online reservation, I also have an email from the guest stating she...
  17. Don Draper

    5 Years and Going Strong

    CONGRATS to you!!! So glad your hard work has paid off, what a feeling!
  18. Don Draper

    Don't forget to vote Tuesday!

    DONE! Bummed there were no stickers, but there were free Kit Kats :-) Looked like a great turnout, hope that's the case everywhere.
  19. Don Draper

    The first step every aspiring bed and breakfast owner needs to take

    We supposedly have "equal" representation as well but the bottom line is our CVB Prez is a former bus tour operator and that is all they are interested in bringing here. Our local sales tax just went up and while we take the hit on having to pay the cc fees on the new higher rate, they will use...