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    New Insurance

    I switched from Utica to Westfield until i closed the inn, saved a bunch and one of the few that will insure for actual value rather than replacement value... No way would anyone have been able to recreate my pre 1900 home, well they could but i never would have so why pay all the extra
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    Dumbfounded! Take payments from guests directly into bank acct!

    Most small hotels and inns in Europe work like this where a prepayment is required.
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    My friend Andy Schneider is known as "the Chicken Whisperer" check out his website and facebook page. Andy in fact stayed at my B&B, and fell in love with the area, quit his job as an EMT and he and his wife moved to the area. If you need anyone to fight for chicken rights, talk chickens in your...
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    Inn the news Sept 27, 2012

    She was asking 100 million and the banks foreclosed for 16 million? And then the banks lost another 10 million in the resale before legal fees? If they would have worked with the owner it probablynever would have gone into foreclosure, sounds like what they did with me, they would rather...
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    Very Interesting

    If i see a discount on a page i don't necessarily hit the like button. Does not mean i DON'T like it, i just don't always hit like. And booking a stay at a b&b is not like buying coffee or T shirt on the internet (low $ anytime delivery) - it's higher $ and takes some planning. So don't worry...
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    does magic zymes really work on pet and people odor

    Try Natures Miracle, i found tat really worked even on cat urine odor
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    any suggestions?

    Sunshine when I had my B&B I always had to keep a 2nd job, and in a similar situation to you, it started getting tougher as the reduced our pay as there were so many people out there willing to work for less. I worked from home for several customers doing customer service ("real" work at home as...
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    Second Square hitch

    SJI yes, as long as the systems are CCI compliant and the 3 digit code is encrypted the CID code is being stored... WE may not be able to read it / see it / retrieve it but the same way you can log in to and get the info, there are companies that can read / pull / see the info they...
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    Second Square hitch

    Just a reminder that the new cc regulations do not permit the "notation" of the CID code in any form unless it is encrypted so please be careful about making statements that you note it on the res forms because you can get fined major buckeroos by VI\MC etc. The problem with Square is the same...
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    What is our next step?

    Taking the course is a good start, start talking to banks. How is your credit? Remember you probably will have to get a commercial loan, and may need a large down pay. Most sellers will want o know you are prequal before discussing their numbers with you. Buy some books about to start reading...
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    What to look for in an Inn Keeper?

    You don't say whether or not the "we" has any Innkeeping or hotel management experience - in that case "previous Innkeeping experience" would be my #1 requirement (this may be different if you have the previous experience in this area). The job requirements would also depend on what you are...
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    Discount for weekly rental

    K9 I took into account that I only had to clean the room as an "occupied" and not as a check out every day, I only changed sheets and towels once a week or "on request more frequently". I did not have to serve breakfast. I also based my rates on what they could get from a "regular" hotel in the...
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    Room out of circulation

    It also depends on how you want to show your occupancy and which res system you are using. If you mark it as occupied it will reduce your ADR, this is important if you one day look at selling and your ADR is less than you would want it shown If you have the option to take it "of market" or mark...
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    Discount for weekly rental

    I did not advertise specific weekly rates, I had a note on my website that said they are available on request. Depended on time of year, number of weeks, did they need breakfast etc. I had guests staying on and off sometimes for 9+ months .. of course they got a much better rate They were some...
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    Go Daddy Hacked

    My company has been told could be 2+ days .. hope not
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    Go Daddy Hacked

    GYI Godaddy has been hacked (apparently), not sure how public it is being made but for any of you uding that or any websites which are godaddy related you may have issues
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    Crusty I see you keep asking about cost per room this is not like going to Holiday Inn and getting a franchise license and them giving you a package that based on x state in or near x city with x number of rooms with or without a restaurant and whether or not you will be the owner or the manager...
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    How long does it take to sell a B&B in this economy?

    Of course the self storage biz has picked up, everyone losing their homes or downsizing... They need place for their stuff, I know, I was one of them....
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    How long does it take to sell a B&B in this economy?

    Excuse spelling iPad / user issues .... Interest rates have dropped but loans are harder to come by,many have diminished credit scores. In addition, a B&B generally requires commercial loans and or - as someone mentioned, big equity. If its not a B&B yet ... And you get residential financing...
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    Non-PAII Members!! B & Bs For Vets

    I thought this was your program, why is PAII making stipulations? As for the $10 ...yes..sad. Probably not even 10% I know how hard you worked on the program!