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    Innsitters on the road

    Kentucky a possibility? Contact me if you want the information.
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    Innsitters on the road

    I will keep you apprised of anything I hear that is available during those months. Are you willing to travel outside of AR?
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    Looking for solid wood game boards

    Maybe Frontgate has what you are looking for.
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    Bah Humbug Martha

    Found it! Morning Glory Muffins Prep time 10 minutes Recipe Types breads Description Batter will keep in fridge for 6 weeks!!! Ingredients 20 oz raisin bran cereal 2 1⁄2 c sugar 5 c flour 1 t salt 5 t baking soda 4 c buttermilk 20 oz crushed pineapple 4 eggs 1 c veg oil...
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    Bah Humbug Martha

    Have you tried the Company Muffins - I am sure they are listed somewhere on this forum - they have different names too. Let me know if you can't find it tho and I will e-mail it to you.
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    B&B's with Lease/Purchase option?

    Mona, if you are still looking and would be interested in a full time Innkeeping job (to find out if Innkeeping is for you) let me know and I can point you in that direction.
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    MidAtl Conference 2013 Photos

    I am surprised you could tell we were INNsitters - the glare on our banner was not cool. We definitely paid for our trip - got 3 new bookings - with one from a regular client - so 2 newbies! Yeah!
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    Snow what!

    Banana chocolate chip bread!
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    You're an innkeeper

    KK, I am technically a MK rep too for exactly the same reason - I don't want to pay full price and I have two daughters who got hooked on the stuff. I also sold Premier Designs YEARS ago! If you like any of their retired designs let me know as I may still have it! It took me awhile to figure...
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    You're an innkeeper

    Mary Kay did die - a few years ago as a matter of fact, but her company lives on....
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    Here's a dirty little secret; cleanings domino effect

    It started out so simply. Just a pause in passing to look out a back window, admire the flowers on the deck and laugh at a pair of rabbits playing on the hill behind the house. But there, on the windowsill, was a layer of dust that would have to go. So, out came the dust cloth. Then, while...
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    Marketing Ideas - FOOD

    The best cheese curds come from Wisconsin and they are the best because they "squeak" when you bite into them. You will only know what I am talking about when you eat one.
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    Sea shanty are you out there?

    Maybe if you ask her nicely she will come work for you!
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    Sea shanty are you out there?

    SS, never mind - they found someone already.
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    Sea shanty are you out there?

    If you are still in the cape cod area and still looking to do some inn-sitting let me know as there is an owner looking for a two week time period.
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    Worst Guests (a recollection)

    Well my visual was a naked guy playing Twister, otherwise why would you give him that name!? Silly me! But speaking of smoring - do you know they now make flat, square marshmallows especially for S'mores!
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    I'm Living Your Dream Life and Just Desserts

    Lynne, If you are interested in the Mary Diehm books let me know and I can have Anne deliver them to you over Easter - I have quite a few!
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    I'm Living Your Dream Life and Just Desserts

    I will get them in the mail to you straight away!
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    I'm Living Your Dream Life and Just Desserts

    I have these two books and have read them - there is no list of who to send them to next... let me know if you would like to read them and I will pop them in the mail if you send your address.