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    New Credit Card Machine

    Thanks to everyone. This has been a big help.
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    Policies - in place for a reason

    I hate to take reservations on the phone. I want the information on the computer. If they call and say they are on my site I tell them you can book right there and it so easy. I tell them I am away from my desk right and can't take it by phone. 99% of the time they just go a head and book right...
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    New Credit Card Machine

    Another question if you use the Square what if you have a charge back or make a mistake in the number you put in? Who helps you and how quick can you talk to someone?
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    New Credit Card Machine

    How many use Square and do you think this is going to be safe? Also will the Square accept chipped cards?
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    New Credit Card Machine

    I was wondering what anyone is going to do this fall when we have to have a new machine. My CC card company sent me a contract to sign and they think I am going to lease a new machine. I have never leased a machine. We were told at the very beginning to buy ours, we did and are very glad we did...
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    new facebook call to action button

    Do you all think you could set it to your Trip Advisor Review page?
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    Great article. When you take pictures what lens do you have you love. Also do you use the same lens for rooms say as for food? What camera do you have. I think you do a lot of photography. You would be the one to ask here. I miss you come for another road trip. This time stay with us. :)
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    Valentine's Day Minimum

    Is anyone eles making Valentine's Day a two night minimum? This is one of my least favorite times. It seems that the people that book are not really bed and breakfast people. She thinks it would be a romantic idea and he might not like it. Then she might want a proposal and it might not happen...
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    AirBnb Innkeepers

    If we listed with Airbnb can we say we are fully licensed and insured? Then we add taxes into our price?
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    Ironing the linens

    What brand of sheets do you use?
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    Seriously Stressed Out! UGH!

    I know how it is. My dad pass a few weeks and we are getting ready to sell his house. A couple of years ago we talked him into putting it into my sisters and his name. What a great thing we did. We can sell the house with out going through the courts. He had his funeral paid and everything ready...
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    Am I The Only One That Doesn't Care...

    No I don't care either. I didn't even watch. My life is too full for that I guess. :)
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    Fabric Softener

    Oh my gosh I didn't know Gain doesn't block absorbency. That is great.
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    Fabric Softener

    These were brand new and I washed them with just a very very little soap. They were not soft.
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    Fabric Softener

    Hi everyone, I really didn't fall off the face of the earth. I pop in from time to time. I am sure this has been discussed but I just got new towels and I washed them and tried to not use fabric softener but they were scratchy and I didn't like the feel. I just wanted to know how many of you...
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    I think this is a scam email has anyone gotten one of these?

    I got the same one with a zip file. I don't open zip files. I really would like to email back are you stupid or what but I know it is a scam so I just let it go.
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    Follow us on the Innspiring Road Trip

    I am so excited that you are coming to visit on Tuesday! It will be so good to see you all again.
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    Taking charge on I pad

    I will search. I haven't been on for a while. Thanks to all.
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    Taking charge on I pad

    Does anyone take charge with I pads. This looks like pretty sweet deal. Get rid of land lines and cc machines.
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    Easy Apple Dumplins

    Those look yummy. I love love love that site too.