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  1. Tony

    Programmable Locks

    Ours is made by Weiser Lock. There is no attached instruction on how to reprogram the code anywhere on the outside of the unit. As Joey mentioned, the unlocking mechanism slows down as the battery life dwindles indicating when it's time to change the battery. If it doesn't get changed, the...
  2. Tony

    Keurig, or any other one-serving-at-a-time coffee maker

    I've had my Keurig for nearly 2 years and I'm more than happy with it so far. The big advantages of it is that it brews only enough for individuals who want it (no wasted pots) and there's virtually no clean up or maintenance involved. This machine does not replace a regular coffeemaker during...
  3. Tony

    Groom updates Facebook status at altar

    I belong to the younger crowd (sub-30) and I find this absolutely repulsive. What a total scumbag. I'd give this marriage a whopping 6 months lifespan before she kicks him out to the curb.
  4. Tony

    black friday ads

    I do all my BF shopping online. There isn't a deal good enough to make me want to go anywhere near a mall around this time of the year.
  5. Tony

    Good or bad? Police car across the street

    That's a great way to casually inform your guests. Unless you're certain that they've just moved into that apartment very recently, do not do this unless you want to be branded as a suck up by the policeman.
  6. Tony

    Toiletries and where to keep them?

    I think having the small payment requirement will actually help keep the one or two guests from clearing out the entire stash. Without it, guests would think that it's all free for the taking since they've paid for the stay at the inn. With the posted prices and the honor system, their...
  7. Tony

    Curtains: Opened or Closed?

    I keep my curtains open. It helps make the room look bigger. Plus, I also saw Psycho. I nearly spat out my drink after reading that. Thank you for the laughs. If I went through that experience, I would be afraid of prolonged toilet use too. Talk about a freaky fish...
  8. Tony

    Please check your spelling

    Thank god for Firefox's built in spellchecker.
  9. Tony

    When guests air their laundry....

    Yikes. I'd like to meet these guests that have no qualms about hanging their underwear in a public area. If you don't mind sharing, I'm curious as to what their demographics are.
  10. Tony

    Odd Guestbook Entry

    Definitely leave it in. It'll stand out from the monotomy of the other positive reviews. Give your guests something to laugh about.
  11. Tony

    When guests tell you about a terrible stay they had at another inn...

    All those complaints sound perfectly legitimate to me (maybe with the exception of the pricey restaurants in the area). The rusting bath fixtures point to a lack of proper maintainance.
  12. Tony

    No Shows

    Another option is to request automatic notice of receipts when your guests open those emails. This is a setting that is built into all email software.
  13. Tony

    When trying to take a day off....

    Gee, and here we were thinking that police tape is an elegant decor item suitable for use in the classiest B&B. Thanks for pointing that out to us (and thanks to Joe too).
  14. Tony

    When the cost conscious come a knockin

    Perhaps the problem lies with your low prices? The low prices combined with the uncertainty of your establishment can explain why people are willing to pay more to stay at the hotels. If people see that your prices are at par or slightly higher compared to the hotels', they might think that your...
  15. Tony

    When trying to take a day off....

    Get a roll of "Police Line - Do Not Cross" tape and drape it in front of your driveway. Pretty much guaranteed to keep unwanted visitors away.
  16. Tony

    I'm back...sort of

    My condolences. Hope things are back to normal for you now. Best of luck to you.
  17. Tony

    Hit and Run

  18. Tony

    Hit and Run

    For every one of these people, you get ten uber needy diva type that expect to be waited on hand and foot. Enjoy it while you can!
  19. Tony

    Hey, who you calling a pansy?

    The flowers are edible as well, so don't forget to use them as garnishes in your food presentations.
  20. Tony

    How much extra would you charge?

    Not only would I charge them the extra rate per day, I would also charge them the cost of replacing the sheets if they did indeed cause permanent damage to it. Charge the heck out of them. You do not want these people back, so don't be afraid of hurt feelings. Just be 100% frank with them. If...