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  1. OnTheShore

    Too much?

    Thinking more about this -- (1) I worry that the original sign IS too much, that it could come across as antagonistic towards folks who chose to stay at a rental, when what you want to do is entice them to stay with you (rather than thumbing your nose at them). (2) Mention bacon -- the maple...
  2. OnTheShore

    Too much?

    Just putting what Arks wrote, without even referencing the pop-tarts or rental, would get the point across, I think.
  3. OnTheShore

    Looking for a lake cabin rental or quiet place in Massachusetts

    Well, I didn't say that that is what people are actually doing, rather my implication was intended to be that that is the apparent expectation and would be "best practice." A lot of people aren't actually doing what they really should be doing, unfortunately....
  4. OnTheShore

    Looking for a lake cabin rental or quiet place in Massachusetts

    Or is it Massachusetts that is imposing the travel restriction? In that upon their return to Mass from Maine, their home state would require them to quarantine for 14 days... I gather Mass has a 14-day Q requirement for people coming into that state now, but maybe the other New England States...
  5. OnTheShore

    Looking for a lake cabin rental or quiet place in Massachusetts

    Or they just need to quarantine for 14 days or the duration of their stay, whichever is shorter. And if they did the test route, they should quarantine from the time they give their sample until they get their test results back or they arrive in Maine whichever is later.... Now quarantine...
  6. OnTheShore

    Been away for a while...

    Thing is Morticia is in the same state about 20 miles from me (as the crow flys, longer by road), operating under the same rules, but different towns and different offerings...
  7. OnTheShore

    Been away for a while...

    Sorry to hear that, I can only speculate on what the differences might be.
  8. OnTheShore

    Been away for a while...

    Well, looks like it's been just over a year since my last posting here at Innspiring... I guess I just got caught up in other things, mainly related to my day job. An e-mail from the Admin about the new software prompted me to come back and take a look. Glad to read again so many familiar...
  9. OnTheShore

    Refund Policy

    Whether and how much of a refund we might offer all depends on the details of the situation -- I'm talking about things like major plumbing issues or the like .... In the situation you describe, there is not enough there in my mind to warrant any kind of refund.
  10. OnTheShore

    part-time inn?

    One can operate "part-time" simply by blocking off the dates that you don't want to host guests in your reservation calendar system. We are "part-time" in a different way, in the sense that we are only open 5 months of the year... As above, if you are claiming business expenses on your taxes...
  11. OnTheShore

    Think reservations vs Rezkey

    Her first post in each thread that she posts to has a signature line that does give some explanation of who she is, although I agree the signature line could be more explicit about that she works for Cloudbeds (although that seems pretty clear from her user name). The fact that signature lines...
  12. OnTheShore

    No, you left before breakfast.

    I think they are referring to the hallway (not the bathroom) when they say "opened to the other room and kitchen on first floor." In other words, the hallway they had to cross to get to their private bathroom was too public for their taste. But I agree that it is confusing and could be misread...
  13. OnTheShore

    Nervous about an ADA call today

    Last year, we renovated one of our cottages (specifically the bathroom) to be "hopefully wheel-chair friendly" but specifically state that "it is not fully ADA compliant." We had our first wheel-chair guest a couple of weeks ago, and they were quite happy with it (and wrote so in their Air...
  14. OnTheShore

    Any suggestions for a new owner to find new hires?

    Are you looking for managers to run your B&B for you, or are you talking about housekeepers/cleaners or other staff (part-time or full-time)? How large is your B&B? Will you be offering other services beyond just bed and breakfast? What can you provide to your employees, beyond a fair wage...
  15. OnTheShore

    Typical Day + Labor?

    Minimum wage here is $11 this year. We pay our employee cleaners $20/hour and contractors $25/hour (but during peak season, they only get about 4-6 hours per week (more hours in the shoulder season because we have more turnover). Our summer helper (who gets more hours), we're paying $15 (plus...
  16. OnTheShore

    Question regarding using AIR as a "bridge."

    Tom, your clarification is noted, and you are right.
  17. OnTheShore

    Typical Day + Labor?

    Not sure our data will be all that helpful to you, but I'll throw it out there as you might find a useful nugget, or at least find it interesting. I don't think we have a typical day. TLDR: develop systems to help simplify and expedite routine tasks, including guest management/communication...
  18. OnTheShore

    Question regarding using AIR as a "bridge."

    As I understand it, Booking will buy advertising (search terms) using your business name or other terms people might use to search for you, and thus will show up ahead of your own website in the results when people do a google search for you. They'll click on Booking's link in the search results...
  19. OnTheShore

    Your take on laundry services for guests

    We have a small coin-op laundry on site for our guests (two washers and one dryer, not sure what the guy who set it up was thinking, since the dryer takes twice as long as a wash....).