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    Directory Listing -

    Food for thought... a real questoion. When people want to stay at a hotel most will go to/and book through a travel website like or etc. When people want to book with a B&B they often go direct to B&B itself (either e-mail or phone). Maybe I am wrong on both accounts. But...
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    Directory Listing -

    Maybe the logic goes like this "We bought a MacBook Pro from Apple, therefore we are customers of apple, and thus in a partnership with Apple." just a thought....
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    What solution do you need?

    I am still running ; however, the vertical directory market is a losing battle. The biggest issue is the majority of users start their journey at With Google Places the users don't really need to go much farther than google. In the old days the top 10 results...
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    "I'll just have pancakes and bacon."

    My folks at have been doing set breakfasts for 12 years. recently they decided to give people a menu the night before. It has cut their food cost down by 30% and prperation by about 20%.
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    How accurate are your B& statistics?

    This is interesting because we have always been reluctant to provide stats. We have always wanted the B&B owners to rely on their own stats.
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    Passion is overrated, BS Social Media Currency

    I deleted friends. I reviewed my friends list and asked these questions. Are they family? Do I talk to these people in real life? Are they currently friends in real life? Have I been really good friends with these people? e.g. childhood friends... If they didn't get any yeses, they were...
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    New "free" directory for B&B's

    Here is something I found interesting. So their maps reside at Google.
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    New "free" directory for B&B's

    and it is a wordpress site too Which is totaly cool.... just saying.
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    Locate your B&B with using our tool

    they replied Dear Paul, Thank you for your If you have any other request, please feel free and contact us. Best Regards Thank You Just B&B Network
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    Locate your B&B with using our tool

    The irony to this, there is plenty of guides out there where people show you how to do exactly what I did. They could have got the code directly from Google... point being, for maybe 30 mins more work and a little more thinking they could have built this on their own and not risk their...
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    Locate your B&B with using our tool

    I emailed them. Will see what they say, if anything.
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    Locate your B&B with using our tool

    Hey Guys/Gals, I was just going through my Google Analytics and saw this file named map-tool.html I did not recognize the file, nor could I see it on my server. I was getting very confused. So I did a search in google for and found this thread...
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    I love inns

    When P&P started out, in 2004, our value proposition was 'we help you do better in Google' and the main way was the l i n k. This is still our core value... We did this because we had no traffic and no rankings and the biggest reason is I believed it work. We found it worked 75% of the time...
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    I love inns "And this isn't just Scott saying this, many high end SEO people are saying that Google optmization is all about getting high-quality citations and links. These experts highly recommend being on directories within your market. A recent webinar put...
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    Is your Credit Card Processor PCI compliant?

    I've done a self assesment PCI compliance form (not for P&P, another company) and it was so vague and convuloted that it lost crediability with me.
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    abandoned URLS

    This is what happens when you let a URL with PR go
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    Miniature website

    it is small... and it is a bought template too
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    Innspiring Blog

    Thanks! I guess I need to clean my eye balls
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    Innspiring Blog

    Hi JB, I noticed that you put links to directories, would you consider adding mine? TIA Paul
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    Google rankings vary by computer??

    Not in your case, but for others, location can play into what results you get.